Full Body Massage Technique and Advantages

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 5, 2012

A massage is a technique to sooth the soft tissues of the body which serve functional and psychological benefits. A massage involves manipulating the body with pressure, tension, vibrations, and motion. The target tissues for a massage include muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments, joints, connective...


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Full Body Massage

.tissues, and also lymphatic vesselsl A massage is usually applied with the fingers, elbows, forearm, and feete

A massage can be done on a massage table, chair, or a mat spread on the flooroThere are various forms of massage including Acupressure, Balinese massage, Bowen therapy, Hilot, Medical massage, Myofascial massage, Stone massage, and Reflexography massagegA massage must be conducted on the full body for best effects and resultst The full body massage techniques include fan stroking, circular stroking, thumb stroking, back kneading circular pressure, static pressure, cat stroking, and knucklingn The advantages of a full body massage are as follows:

  • The temporary effects of full body massage include regulation of blood pressure and pulse rate
  • A massage is supposed to reduce anxiety and stress, thereby providing psychological benefits
  • Pain caused by musculoskeletal injuries can be treated by body massage
  • A body massage can be highly instrumental in enhancing the attention and concentration levels of EEG affected patients
  • A full body massage stimulates the immune system thereby protecting the body from various infections and diseases
  • It can also relieve the symptoms of HIV and Aids to some extent

Massages are recommended for everyone, irrespective of gendere Breast massages are particularly beneficial for women as they not only tone the breasts creating a healthy appearance, but they also help regulate hormonal balance in womene All kinds of massages do have specific benefitst One of the most popular and beneficial massaging forms for the entire body is the Thai full body massageg This massage is carried out on the floor and is conducted over a span of three hoursr Thai massage works on the vital energy lines present throughout the human bodyd The advantages of Thai full body massage includes opening the blockades in the body, stimulation of body tissues and blood vessels, enhanced blood circulation, relief from pain and muscle tension, and retention of balance of nervous systeme Thai full body massage is supposed to rejuvenate the body as well as the mindn As a Thai massage soothes the nerves, it has a positive effect on mindn Full body massages extend a number of benefits to body and mind, and as such, a regular regimen of massages is recommendede

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