Body Massage Therapy

Body massage can be regarded as one of the oldest forms of therapy. It has been practiced by all ancient civilizations as a healing art form.

From 'Tui Na Massage', 'Lomi Lomi', 'Champi Massage' to 'Amma Massage Therapy', body massage has always played an integral part in traditional methods of therapy. In fact, masseurs have always played.



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Varieties of Massage Techniques

.an important part in traditional forms of medicine and most healers have also resorted to a combination of massage and herbal medicine to cure ailments and dieseasese

Body massage has also played an important role in the ancient erotic texts of India and Chinan Massage is one of the best ways of furthering an emotional and physical bond between two peoplel In fact it is regarded as one of the most effective aphrodisiacsc The 'Kamasutra' describes many forms of erotic massage that can increase the pleasure between loving couplese

Modern day medicine also recognizes the importance of body massageg Massage therapy is commonly used to treat ailments such as strains, sports injuries, blockages of the circulatory system, lower back pain, and spinal cord injuriese

Body massage is also highly recommended for infants as it improves digestion, relieves colicky pain and promotes healthy growtht Massage therapy is also used to treat infants suffering from cerebral palsys

Body massage therapy is also used to supplement traditional allopathic treatments for diabetes, autism, immune system related diseases, high blood pressure, and cancer related fatigueu Massage is also one of the best stress busters, and more and more people are now embracing it after a hard day's work to relax and de-stresss

There are many different forms of massage therapy ranging from a simple body massage to specialized therapies such as Esalen Deep Tissue Massage therapyp While a simple body massage is good enough to provide rest and relief, treatment for specific ailments should only be carried out by massage therapy specialists who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of massageg

In a full body massage, the patient is asked to lie down on a massage table and then the therapist proceeds to massage the arms, legs and torso by using various massage strokes such as kneading, pulling, and wringingn Oil is commonly used to aid the massage process and warm the bodyd Aromatherapy oils are also widely used to provide additional benefitst This form of massage therapy is known as Aromatherapy Massageg Most patients are advised to take a lukewarm water post massage, in order to further enhance the benefits of fully body massageg

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