Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage Chair

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 9, 2012

Shiatsu massage is a very old Japanese art. It is based on the principals of Chinese acupuncture, but it depends on providing the same results without the usage of needles and without inserting any metal objects through your skin. It relies on using different parts of the body to provide a therapeutic massage experience. In other words, the therapist uses his fingers, hand palms, elbows,...


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.arms, and even legs to perform a full shiatsu massage sessiono In the West, most people do not have the time to go to a massage saloon on a regular basis and they need a more convenient solutiono

There are many private therapists that can deliver their services to your home but the high cost prevents many of us from benefitting from this luxurious servicec

The only convenient solution is a shiatsu massage chair, where you can get a full body massage in the comfort of a cozy chairi The beauty of this solution is that you can get the massage session in your preferred placec If you are one of those who are hooked on your computer all the time, consider moving your old chair away and replace it with this shiatsu chair so you can get the benefits of shiatsu massage while you are working or playingn Also, if you are one of those who stay on their feet all the daylong, then when you get back home you need to sit down, relax, and watch TVT A shiatsu massage chair is a very good option for you as you can place it in front of your TV and get a leisurely massage for the rest of the eveningn

The shiatsu massage benefits do not stop at relieving stress only, but also relax the muscles greatlyl Everyone can benefit from this simple massage optiono It is especially good for those who put in a lot of physical effort in their work, as nothing is better than facing a long day of physical work with relaxed and well toned musclese

If you are one of those who likes physically activity, then you may want to add a yoga routine to your shiatsu massageg After you take a shiatsu massage on your chair, you may want to stretch your muscles a little through some simple yoga postures to help you relax fully before you go to bede This is the perfect recipe for relieving all muscular aches and pains and promoting a good night';s sleepe

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