how yoga is use full in college life?

(August 31, 2008)

In today’s scenario, life is stressful and competitive. Even in colleges, studies and constantly demanding careers keep the students continuously on the move, require hard work and ever increasing stress.

Yoga is a disciplined practice that enhances a person’s physical, mental and psychological health. It helps deal with the day-to-day challenges and restores mental peace. Yogic asanas/postures make the body well-prepared, firm and healthy. The body can be further purified by practicing Pranayam. Pranayam means controlled breathing. When yoga and pranayam are done simultaneously, the benefits are manifold.

The benefits of yoga and pranayam are:-

  • It makes us aware of the holistic approach towards our body – the physical, mental and spiritual being.
  • Yoga makes the body more flexible, relaxed, firm and healthy.
    Through yoga and pranayam, the communication to the left and right brain improves. This leads to increased sharpness of the mind and better concentration powers.
  • When the mind remains relaxed, the mood remains good and this consistency in behaviour and mood is established.
    Even college students suffer from respiratory disorders due to pollution. Pranayam will help cure asthama, bronchitis, cold or cough to a great extent.
  • High blood pressure and high stress levels can be taken care of by practicing yoga and pranayam daily.
  • Today due to wrong dietary habits and the craze for fast food, students are becoming either overweight or reached the state of obesity. Increased weight is the prime root cause for various other related ailments. Through yoga asanas, there is increase in hormonal secretions by the respective glands.  This affects the body metabolism and the muscles are toned and fats are burned. The energy levels increase thereby raising the immunity.

In the current fast lifestyle, students are tempted towards various habits like constantly watching TV, surfing internet, smoking, alcohol consumption. These habits initiate due to poor will-power or peer pressure and end up as addictions. Eating without thinking is also in a way an addiction. Yoga and Pranayam perform the function of disciplining the mind and enhancing the will-power. Thus, individuals who do yoga consistently are much less likely to fall in the trap of these habits. They are always conscious what is good for them and don’t give into temptations but think practically and rationally.

For all these reasons, it is imperative that kids of all age groups practice yoga by taking proper lessons from a certified and genuine yoga teacher. Yoga is not a fad to be practiced for some period of time. It must become a way of life for college students and the advantages of this early practice will bear fruits even in the later stages of life.

Submitted by C D on August 31, 2008 at 01:51

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