Yoga for Liver Healing

There's an old joke that's supposed to have transpired as follows. It goes as follows:

Two drinking buddies meet after long.

Tim: So, how's life.

Joe: Depends, is life worth living?


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Tim: Yes, it all depends upon the liver 

There are no two ways about it. For good health you need a good liver. And for detoxification of the liver, there's no solution but to stimulate the organ. Yoga cleansing kriyas put the body into positions that allow for natural pressure to be placed on the liver and extenuated via pranayama. Not just that, they also helps to stimulate the nervous system.

During some of the asanas - particularly contracting and twisting poses like Pawanmuktasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana - it is likely that your body might start to shake. That is more so if you happen to hold the pose for a decent length of time. The shaking, in our opinion, is the direct consequence of the detoxification process occurring in your system. This will be more palpable if these asanas are performed after a session of cleansing kriyas such as Vaman Dhauti or Shanka Prakshalana.

The good side is that they help build the system back up properly. So, there's no getting away from it that the liver is super important for your overall health and well being. But do you take adequate care of it or are you hard on your livers. Meaning to say, you go to college, then work and notice how the balance of our social gatherings have alcohol integrated into them in some shape or form. Any alcohol consumed puts your liver under strain.

In I perfect world we'd all work to reduce our alcohol consumption. But, that may not be a realistic approach for all, though most manage to abstain during Lent, leaves you with the choice of doing regular maintenance on your liver. So you could indulge a little but also do a regular session a day, and regular kriyas, say once or twice a month. All contracting and twisting poses, plus the prone poses and Surya Namaskars help stimulate the liver, while the kriyas, help cleanse it.

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