Yoga help for liver cancer

(June 6, 2008)

help with secondary liver cancer

Yoga help for liver cancer 

Pranayama, naukasan, and yogamudras are ideally the best yoga practices for individuals suffering from liver cancer or liver disorders. A regular practice done under the guidance of a yoga instructor can greatly reinforce the individual's physical functions, in particular the body's defense system, while helping to restore inner balance. in addition to the normal course of medication prescribed by the doctor, yoga is also known to lessen the side effects of these medications.

Pranayama helps to correct the breathing technique of the individual and this plays a major role in the body's intake of oxygen and exhalation of impurities. With the help of Pranayama the body is able to achieve mental calmness and more importantly improve the flow of blood in the body.

Yoga mudras also known as psychic gestures, involve the use of stretching with a focus on breathing and relaxing and achieving the right body posture. It is important not to stretch beyond the level of comfort. Do not strain yourself beyond a point to reach a particular posture.

Naukasan is a simple asana that involves stretching of the arms and legs and lifting them slowly off the floor without any exertion or pull. All these asanas will bring great relief to the patient under any condition from the liver.

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