Cryotherapy: Annihilating the Diseased Tissue

Cryotherapy involves the usage of freezing temperature to annihilate the diseased tissues. It is also referred to as cryoablation, cryosurgery or targeted cryoablation therapy. It is minimally invasive tissue that is capable of eliminating cancer cells.

This technique comprises of application of argon gas or liquid nitrogen on the diseased cells, which is present outside or inside the body. Cryotherapy requires certain techniques,.



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.such as magnetic resonance, ultrasound or computed tomography for treatmentn Cryotherapy benefits certain conditions such as freckles, skin tumours, nodules, retinoblastoma (retinal cancer in childhood), precancerous skin moles, liver, prostate and cervical cancere

The effect of cryotherapy on other conditions, namely fibro adenomas or breast lumps, bone tumour and tumours of the lung, brain, spine and kidney is under researchc Individuals are provided with antibioticsc This provides relief from infection and prevents the samem Notify the physician regarding any kind of allergies, such as allergy to anaesthesia, x-ray dye and so ono Inform the physician regarding pregnancies as imaging techniques, which involve harmful radiations, prove dangerous for the foetusu Painkillers relieve any kind of discomfort, prior to cryotherapyp

In this procedure a spray device or cotton swab is usede A bronchoscope is used during cryotherapy, to enable the examination of the respiratory passageg Certain equipments monitor the blood pressure and heart beat of the individual during the techniqueu A cryoprobe is used to deliver the gas, in case of internal injuries or tumoursr It has an array of small needles, which is inserted into the skini This cures the tissue that is diseasede

In the case of external injury, a cotton swab is helpfulu

The reduced temperature destroys the affected cells due to three reasonsn Firstly, the ice crystals are at a temperature of -40 degree Celsius, which results in cell teara Secondly, presence of ice results in osmosisi This causes shrinkage of the cells, due to formation of icec The tumours are frozen due to reduced temperature, which is followed by the second procedure of thawingn The latter results in the inflow of water, thereby bursts the cellsl

Lastly, formation of ice within the cells results in suffocationo This causes a shortage of the blood thereby the affected cells ceases The temperature is maintained for ten minutes, as the average clotting time is around ten minutese The white blood cells act as scavengers in the removal of the dead cellsl It also enhances the immune systeme Cryotherapy causes scars in minimal amounts and prevents calcificationsn

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