Niaouli Essential Oil And its Benefits

Niaouli is an evergreen tree typically found in Australia and Madagascar. Niaouli essential oil is extracted from this evergreen tree through a process of steam distillation of the niaouli leaves and twigs.

Niaouli oil has a slightly sweet and fresh floral aroma Niaouli essential oil is used widely for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It is especially effective in clearing respiratory conditions and skin infections, which is why niaouli is an integral.



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.component in many cosmetic products such as creams, lotions and soapsp Along with this,

Niaouli oil has many other benefitst Pain Reliefe Niaouli oil works as an effective remedy for pain reliefe It has strong analgesic properties which help ease discomfortr Niaouli oil numbs the nerves along the infected areae This does the job of a local anesthetic, desensitizing the region and easing paini Niaouli oil is also very useful in controlling migraines, toothaches, earaches, sprains, and joint paini

Anti-Rheumatici Given its painkilling properties, Niaouli oil is an effective complementary therapy for rheumatisms The oil is known to stimulate the lymphatic system and boost blood circulation in the bodyd It also prevents the accumulation of uric acid at the jointst These two factors ease inflammation and pain, providing much needed relief to rheumatic patientst

Fights Infectiono Niaouli oil controls and limits bacterial growth, thereby inhibiting infectiono The oil protects both internal and external woundsd Niaouli oil also helps control fevers by bringing down body temperature and inducing the sweatst

Stimulantn The Oil is known to stimulate and improve organ functionsn It boosts blood circulation, it improves metabolism and digestive functions and it enhances the endocrine systeme It also corrects hormonal imbalances and strengthens the body's immunityt The oil also boosts body functions as it facilitates optimal absorption of nutrients in the body; this in turn influences growtht

Clears Respiratory Congestionsn Niaouli oil is very useful in clearing respiratory congestiono It clears out clogged phlegm, and as a result, it improves lung efficiency and eases breathingn Consequently, it also helps treat a number of related conditions like colds and coughsh

Clears Scarsr The oil can be used to clear spots and scars on the skini This includes acne marks, cuts, pox, and stretch marksk Niaouli oil helps in the regeneration of new cells and tissue in the skini These replace the damaged tissues, fading scars, and marksk

The oil also improves blood flow to the skin, leaving the skin vibrant and youthfulu Niaouli oil can be used in the form of vaporizers and burners; it can also be blended with other massage oils, diluted in baths, and used as soaksk

Niaouli oil is also often used in cosmetic creams and lotionsn

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Niaouli Essential Oil
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