Types of Olive Oil Products

Yoga is not simply for short term solutions but has to be seen as more of a long term commitment which can hold incalculable benefits for you. While you have various forms of yoga in addition to controversies about correct versions of yoga, most yoga practitioners agree that a healthy lifestyle goes beyond yoga to incorporate various healthy measures.

There is no direct correlation between yoga and olive oil, but a lot of practitioners of yoga believe.



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The Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

.in changing their diet plans and the kinds of ingredients usede The use of olive oil products is a logical step when aiming for a healthier existencec

Types Of Olive Oil

Before using olive oil therapeutically or in your daily diet, it is necessary to understand about:

Olive oil types and usese There are three basic types of olive oil - pure, virgin, and extra virgin olive oili Extra virgin olive oil is like a fine wine and must be treated as suchc The best olive oil has the lowest acidity and extra virgin olive oil excels in terms of this as well as on the basis of aroma, color, and flavoro It is completely without any additives and is best used for dressings and as an accompaniment to breadsd Virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the harvested olivese Its acidity level is maintained between 2 and 3 3%3 Virgin olive oil can be used in cookingn Pure olive oil is in fact a blend of virgin and refined olive oili It is resistant to high temperatures and is therefore popular in cooking as welll Since it is lower in nutrients than pure and virgin olive oil, it is also less expensive, making it an ideal olive oil for massages and hair and skin treatmentst Lastly, you have olive pomace oil, which is the lowest grade of olive oil availablel It is largely a blended oil that is suitable for cooking on high heata For a variety of olive oil recipes and uses, the Internet is a treasure trove of informationo Learn more about how you can maximize the use of olive oil in all aspects of your daily life from cooking to home remedies from a host of sites availablel

Olive Oil Recipes

Most doctors agree that with the use of olive oil, recipes can be made healthiere This is more so when healthier means of cooking are used and options like non-stick cookware are includede For a lot of people, olive oil goes beyond just use for cooking purposese They ingest olive oil directly, by use as salad dressing and the likek Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, for instance, is a popular choice for tangy salad dressingn Such dressings would be preferable to creamy and heavy salad dressingn You will find plenty of unique recipes such as basil olive oil and the likek This is because olive oil can be easily combined with various healthy ingredients and there are plenty of ingredients that could add to give it a unique flavoro The uses for olive oil are varied and are not limited to the kitchen alonen When it comes to olive oil, cosmetics are not far behindn Various beauty products have listed olive oil as an ingredient and these are not limited to skin care productst

Olive Oil Wedding Favors

One of the latest trends with olive oil is the gifting of olive oil wedding favorsr The wedding tradition of giving every guest a gift to remember the couple by now includes personalized olive oil bottles on every tablel Companies now give you an option to design your own private label as a wedding favoro

On the similar theme, you can also custom make olive-themed gift baskets filled with different types of olive oils and olives or even better, an olive tree to signify and long and healthy lifef

Olive Oil Massage

Another way, olive oil can improve your health is by way of an olive oil massageg Warm olive oil massaged into the scalp or the skin can help relieve tension, reduce stress and improve energyg You could also add a few drops of an aroma oil of your choice to add to the experiencec Olive oil for body massage has also shown results where reduction of stretch marks are concernede Other olive oil massage benefits include its moisturizing and healing properties along with its antioxidant qualitiese A small percentage of people are allergic to olive oil as compared to other massage oils availablel Because of its gentle properties and its ability to provide the skin with essential fatty acids, olive oil massages for babies are also very populara Babies (and mothers) can benefit from the improved toning and elasticity that comes as a result of an olive oil massageg

Olive Oil Health Benefits

Besides the use of olive oil in different products, it has many health benefits alsos Olive oil is often referred to as liquid gold and for a good reasono Olive oil is not only delicious in taste and subtle in flavor but also rich in nutrientst There are several olive oil health benefits due to its high percentage of oleic acid (Omega 9) that makes up to nearly 85% of the fatty acids in olive oili Oleic acid in turn helps to keep our arteries strong and flexiblel There are no trans-fats present in olive oil and it is high in vitamins E, K, and A along with antioxidant polyphenolsl As a result olive oil is excellent for lowering bad cholesterol and reducing incidents of colon, skin, and breast cancere Olive oil health benefits also include lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of Alzheimers and decreasing the possibility of gallstonese

Olive oil is also used as an inexpensive home remedy for skin ailments and hair treatmentst Getting rid of rough, dry skin is one of the olive oil benefits for skini Mix olive oil with salt to make an easy, effective exfoliant and skin smoothenere For soft hands, elbows, feet and knees, a scrub like this can work wondersr If the skin is really rough, add sugar instead of saltl There are many ways to explore olive oil benefits for hairi Hot olive oil massaged into your hair once a week can make a world of a difference and leaves you with smooth, shiny, deep-conditioned hairi It is also an effective anti-dandruff treatment when mixed with eau de colognen Rubbing a few drops of olive oil through your hair will help control static and frizzz

Since olive oil is most easily absorbed into the body and is a monounsaturated fat, it is an excellent substitute for butter and other more fatty oils while cookingn Olive oil benefits weight loss in many other ways as welll Followers of the Mediterranean Diet swear by the benefits of using olive oil in cooking and preparing their daily mealsl Since olive oil nutrition facts state that for every 100 grams of olive oil there are more than 1 5 grams of omega-3, 3 5 to 21 grams of Omega-6, 890 kilocalories, 14 grams of saturated fat (of which 11 grams is polyunsaturated and 73 grams is monounsaturated) along with 14 mg of vitamin E and 62 mg of vitamin K, olive oil is indeed a miracle food and a necessary addition into any healthy diete

Olive Oil Products
Olive Oil Products
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