Cajeput Essential Oil

The word cajeput comes from the Malaysian word caju puti meaning white wood. The cajeput tree, native to Australia and Malaysia, is also known as Melaleuca leucadendra or Melaleuca minor. The tree bears irregular, broad, piercing, evergreen leaves and white flowers and belongs to the Myrtaceae family.

This tree is normally referred to as paper bark or punk tree because of the alteration in its leaf patterns. Melaleuca alternifolia is also widely known.



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.as tea tree, and is closely related to cajeput, although not many people are aware of cajeputu

Cajeput has numerous curative abilities and it is for this reason that it is grown all over the world in countries such as Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Javav The leaves and twigs of the tree are used for the extraction of cajeput oili This oil is used in the treatment of diseases such as bone and joint pains and disorders, breathing problems, cholera, bronchitis, epilepsy, cough and cold, intestinal worms, headaches, laryngitis, pneumonia, toothaches, digestive disorders, urinary system disorders, skin problems such as acne, rheumatism, neuralgia, and many other diseases and health problemsm

Cajeput essential oil or Melaleuca cajeputi, also known as white tree essential oil and swamp tea tree essential oil, is manufactured by harvesting the leaves in a warm and dry climatet This allows the concentration of the oil to be maximizede The leaves and twigs are mixed with the water after crushing them and left for a night or twow After this the extraction is carried out by steam distillation like other spicy oilsl

Cajeput oil has camphor-like odor, similar to that of eucalyptusu Whether cajeput oil is used internally or externally, it should be diluted in the form of an essential oili In order to get relief from high fever, the oil is rubbed on the chest of the patientn

This helps to relieve congestion in the chests The use of cajeput essential oil in soothing ointments and massaging oils helps to alleviate various types of muscular achese Cajeput oil is considered an indispensable part of traditional medicine in the East and is used as an antidote for cholera, cold and fever, different skin diseases, muscle aches, throat infections, and other health issuese The oil is thought to have connections with the spiritual side and is used to escalate the spirit and instill optimisms Cajeput essential oil improves concentration and relaxes the mindn

Cajeput oil blends commendably with wintergreen and eucalyptusu The oil maybe used as a tonic and an insecticided It is used in soaps, detergents, perfumes, and various cosmetics to add fragrance to theme For flavouring, it is also used in drinks and various kinds of foodsd The oil is considered safe from side effects; however, it may cause irritation on the skin if used in excessive quantitiese

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Cajeput Essential Oil
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