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(July 25, 2008)

What are the various yogasanas for a glowing skin?

Yogasanas impart a healthy glow to the skin by helping the glandular organs to regularize the hormones and enhancing the flow of blood rich in oxygen to the various parts in the body. Through the daily practice of yogasanas the skin becomes resilient and various disorders of the skin can get gradually restored. More importantly with the daily movements the skin is prevented from dehydration. Yoga also helps in toning the facial muscles and the muscles of the neck. It is important to note that a poor diet and unhealthy eating habits coupled with poor metabolism lead to the resulting deposition of wasteful products and toxins as the primary cause of skin outbreaks. One particular breathing exercise known as the Shitli Kumbhak Pranayama has the ability to cut down facial wrinkles. This technique of Pranayama is also known to enhance the circulation of blood and the purify it thus bringing down toxins and the buildup of acidity. The most important outcome of this Pranayama is that it helps n the prevention of skin infections and brings about a soft and supple texture to the skin.

Certain cleaning techniques must be practiced daily. These cleansing techniques known as Shatkarmas are also referred to as a type of cleansing kriya which is akin to dhoti, vasti, sankhprakshalan, kunjal, neti, and tratak, and are thought to be exceedingly effective detoxification methods. According to yogic theory, when the various internal organs of the body start getting cleansed, the general result is that energy is able to run through the body smoothly without any obstructions.

A good through ayurvedic massage also works wonders for the skin. A body massage with the help of various types of freshly prepared herbal or essential oils such as almond, apricot, or sandalwood work best for the improvement of the skin. These effleurages help in stepping-up the circulation of the blood to the facial region, thus bringing about the much-needed nourishment and oxygen for the face in order to revive and renew the skin. In addition massage also helps the skin to detoxify and get rid of the waste matter that causes skin blemishes.

The herbal oils used in yogic massages improve the process of purification, by immersing in the skin. Essential oils used in ayurvedic massages have vital antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory attributes. These vital properties of the herbal oils enter the skin through the massage and help in slackening the toxic matter while delivering them to the digestive system for discharge. The herbal oils also enhance the circulation of blood, while the gentle massage helps to equilibrate the mental framework and de-stress the mind.

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