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(August 17, 2008)

Which yoga asanas are good for healthy skin as I'm suffering from skin allergy?

Skin allergy can lead to development of a rash or hives. This allergy is caused by certain common irritants like gold, nickel, formaldehyde and so on. Certain irritants may be difficult to get rid off. There are number of itchy skin rashes that can be formed when the skin comes in contact with chemicals. Contact dermatitis occurs as a reddish rash with flakes and tends to ooze .This type of dermatitis is located on that area where the skin reacts with the offending chemical. People can be sensitive to cosmetics, hair dye, jewellery. This rash is observed on the face, on the eyelids, neck, hands and feet. Some people become sensitive to buttons, pins or even the zippers on the clothes. There are certain allergies which could itch without a rash. This occurs due to thyroid deficiency, anemia, or certain illness. This is called as pruritis where there is itching all over the body. Eczema or atopic dermatitis occurs in infancy and young adult hood but sometimes it can continue or start in adult hood. There may be development of red rash, flakes and ooze. The skin rash occurs when the person itches. The rash occurs on the scalp, cheeks and feet where the child tend to itch. There may be areas of broken skin due to aggressive itching.

There may not be specific yoga for specific allergy. But yoga to maintain a healthy and glowing skin is as follows:

Face massage: Sit on the floor. Rub your hands together to heat the hands. Place the little finger on the eyebrows. Press lightly and move slowly with the right finger moving towards the right side and left finger moving towards the left side. Do this for few minutes. Place both the fingers on either sides of the bridge of the nose. Swipe the nose downwards along the cheek bones. Press the temples with the fingers and move in a circular motion. Press the chin towards the cheeks and move towards the cheeks.

Simhasana: Simhasana is also called as lion pose. Kneel on the floor. Place the toes of the right ankle on the heel of the left ankle. Place the palms on the knees and spread out the fingers. Inhale and open your mouth wide open and stretch your tongue out with the tip of the tongue curled towards the chin. Exhale with a distinct "ha" sound. Set your gaze on the object present between the eyebrows.

Submitted by R J on August 17, 2008 at 11:09

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