Face Massage

A face massage can be one of the most relaxing and pleasurable experiences for most of us. We usually don't realize how much of stress and tension builds up in our faces. Most of our facial expressions, most notably frowning, requires or implies muscle action.

These facial muscles tire as much as any other and a face massage is the best way to care for and rid your face of this tension. This will not just help you relax, but also improve your appearance.


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You can even get one at home using a face massager, face massage cream, and other accessories that may be available like a massage face cradle or a massage table face rest.

A facial massage can be a lot ore than just therapeutic and it also acts as a great skin care and beauty practice. An aromatherapy face massage improves the texture of your skin and can also help reduce or delay the onset of signs of aging. As with any aromatherapy practice, essential oils are the most important, and basic ingredient. These oils are used on the face and neck for the massage, but must be diluted with a carrier oil. These oils need to be chosen carefully, so as to maximize the effects of the massage. The carrier oil should be of a superior quality and is also meant to nourish the skin. These oils need to be chosen according to skin type, as some are better suited for a specific skin type, while others may be good for a particular problem. For example, normal skin will benefit from avocado or apricot oils, while jojoba oil is great for sensitive skin. Dry and aging skin benefits from rose or neroli oils, while lemon and bergamont oil are useful for acne prone and oily skin. Carrot oil is rich in vitamin A and would be very beneficial for someone suffering from spotting on the skin.

When administering or getting a face massage, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind. To perform a face massage use gentle and circular movements, with your fingers applying very gentle pressure on the facial skin. This will facilitate the absorption of oil by the skin. It's extremely important that a face massage is executed very carefully however, as rubbing or dragging the facial skin, particularly around the eyes or neck can cause stretching and damage.

If you do not have a carrier oil at hand or do not wish to use one you can also add a few drops of essential oil to a face massage cream. If you wish to receive a face massage, make sure you get one from someone experienced and qualified, as a poorly administered face massage will nor do much good and leave you disappointed. Likewise make sure you know what you are doing, before you attempt to give one.

There are plenty of accessories available to make things a lot easier and you can chose from a wide variety of face massagers in the market. A face massager is probably the most useful device for the untrained aromatherapy enthusiast. Other useful accessories that you may be interested in include tables with a massage face rest, and eye massagers.

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