Yogasanas For HDL Or Triglyceride

(January 27, 2009)


HDL or triglyceride is the bad cholesterol in your body and an increase in this may cause health problems and a risk of heart attacks. To avoid any health problems related to it you need to mainly take care of what you eat. Take care of the following things to balance your nutritional intake:
  • Drink lots of water so that your system is clean and performs at its optimum level. This will also prevent sluggishness of your digestive system that might lead to poor digestion and health problems.
  • Avoid consuming fatty foods that are loaded with oil and spice. Also avoid eating highly refined processed packaged junk foods that will raise your HDL and triglyceride levels.
  • Consume simple home cooked nutritious well balanced meals. Eat plenty of fresh salads, fresh fruits, sprouts, fresh dark green leafy vegetables, healthy clear soups, grilled vegetables, etc.
  • Also consume flaxseed oil daily, as it is the richest natural plant source of essential omega 3 fatty acids that will reduce the HDL and triglyceride levels in your body. It will also improve the health of your bones and tissues.
  • Also try and have your food at the same time daily and avoid overeating.
You may start by practicing Dhyana or meditation, then move on to pranayama or the various breathing exercises and then finally to the yoga asanas or postures. Yoga deeply cleanses and detoxifies your body from deep within so your body naturally eliminates all the toxins and harmful wastes. The pranayama or the various breathing exercises along with the yoga asanas help to put gentle systematic and controlled pressure on the various internal organs and glands. This stimulates them and boosts the natural production of hormones so your body balances everything in your system and maintains the HDL and triglyceride levels. It will be very beneficial if you join a regular yoga class where you have a qualified instructor to teach you correctly and systematically so you learn everything from the basics. This will benefit you a lot as will not only maintain your HDL and triglyceride levels but will also boost your overall health and will keep your immune system and body healthy. It will also help you to tone your muscles all over your body and will get rid of loose sagging skin. Once you do the inverted asanas or postures and the various stretching asanas or poses your skin will tighten on its own and will acquire a well toned look.

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