Yoga For Glowing Skin

(November 23, 2011)

Please recommend a lifestyle mixed of yoga and diet plan through which glow on face can be increased.I have got a very dull look o my face.

Which Yoga Asanas Are Effective In Getting Skin Glow?

Yoga asanas are healthiest natural way of making your skin glow. There are numerous asanas in yoga for shining skin. Below is a list of which yoga asanas are effective in getting skin glow.

Shavasana (corpse pose) -

  1. Lie down on the floor with eyes closed.
  2. Relax your body and push out negative thoughts and tensions.
  3. Next, stand firmly with your legs apart; cover face with your hands, take 10 quick breaths.
  4. Rub the skin on your eyes, forehead and face, take 10 quick breaths. Rub your entire face with your fingers, take 10 quick breaths.
  5. Meditation in the mornings releases stress and negative thoughts.

Sirsasana (head stand) -

  1. Interlock your fingers and place forearms on the floor.
  2. Place the crown of your head in between the interlocked hands.
  3. Raise hips and knees slowly off the ground; straighten your legs, pressing down on toes.
  4. Transfer your body weight to the interlocked hands and head while balancing.
  5. Lift legs off the ground and bring it in a straight line with your trunk.

Viparitakarani Kriya (shoulder stand) -

  1. Lie on the floor and lift your legs to 90 degrees.
  2. Lift your waist and trunk off the floor by supporting with your hands.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe normally.

The Kapilbhati Kriya (breathing) -

  1. Sit comfortably and exhale forcefully.
  2. Building the pressure in your abdomen, inhale normally.
  3. Do this for 10 minutes.

Submitted by S C on November 23, 2011 at 11:57

Does Yoga Really Helps To Get Skin Glow?

Skin glow is not skin deep, but a sign that your body is fit, rid of toxins and stress. Yoga facilitates skin glow by stabilizing hormones and enhancing oxygen rich blood flow to our skin. There are numerous yoga asanas for glowing skin.

The best yoga for skin glow keeps skin resilient, preventing dryness and sagging. The following poses will facilitate skin glow.

• Press fingertips deep into your temples and make small circles.
• Place your hands on your jaw joint, open your mouth and make small circles with your hand.
• Put fingertips on the bridge of your nose and drag down along cheekbones, imitating a motion of wiping off tears
• Tadasana (Mountain Pose) focus on deep, regular breathing; drawing oxygen in and out of your body and releasing harmful toxins (detoxicate the body).
• Viparita Karani (shoulder stand) and Sirsasana (head stand) are inversions which increases blood circulation to the face. These are advanced postures and require a great deal of endurance, focus and regular breathing which help to detoxify the body. You should avoid inversions during menstruation.

Yoga is one of the most natural ways of improving skin health and glow. However, exercises alone cannot help you with desired results. You also have to maintain a healthy diet, quit alcohol, smoking and caffeine. Be regular with your yoga routine; and avoid being stressed as this would easily show up on your face sooner or later.

Submitted by C D on November 23, 2011 at 10:30

Can You Suggest Some Yoga Tips For Glowing Skin

A beautiful and glowing skin is not just about the external skin; it’s a manifestation of a healthy body. A daily thirty minute yoga routine can go a long way in improving cardiovascular health, increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body and create a stress less mind that all reflect externally on your skin.

There are several tips for healthy skin that go beyond maintaining a strict diet and skin care routine. You can follow yoga to get holistic and healthy results.

  • Start the day early and drink around a liter of water in an empty stomach. This acts as an excellent natural detoxification that clears your bowels and hydrates your skin.
  • Other glowing skin tips can be found in yoga poses. Meditation in the mornings releases stress and negative thoughts. Keep your mind free of negative thoughts, negativity reflects on your face.
  • You can try Shavasana  (relaxation asana) and Kapilbhati Kriya (breathing asana) to rid your tensions.
  • Sirsasana (head stand) and Viparitakarani Kriya (shoulder stand) poses improve blood circulation in the brain and brings in a glow on the face. 
  • Eat a Sattvik diet also called as yoga diet that comprises of simple, vegetarian food and lots of fresh fruits. Drink fresh fruit juices instead of aerated drinks, alcohol and coffee. Quit smoking.
  • Also try to keep your mind stress free and try to get a good night’s sleep.  

Submitted by G M on November 2, 2011 at 01:17

How To Get Glowing & Healthy Skin Through Yoga

A healthy and glowing skin is every woman’s dream and can be achieved if you are prepared to stick to a strict regimen, adapt to certain healthy lifestyle changes, and be a careful eater. You must follow a regular skin care regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating to remove dirt and dead cells. Also avoid using chemical cosmetics to get glowing skin; instead use organic and natural cosmetics that will suite your skin type. 
Most skincare experts also recommend yoga for skin glow and an overall healthy skin.

Practicing yoga improves general health, tightens skin muscles, and prevents wrinkles and sagging. Facial yoga exercises increases oxygen rich blood circulation into the face making it glow.

Here are some tips for healthy skin that you should consider while performing yoga for skin glow.

We are what we eat, so follow a Sattvic  or a yoga vegetarian diet. Include lots of fresh fruits, anti oxidants, whole grains, pulses, essential minerals, fats, proteins and vitamins to provide skin nourishment. Drink lots of water and fresh juices to keep the skin hydrated and detoxified. 
Scrap unhealthy fried and fatty foods, coffee and alcohol from your diet.

The yoga poses Shavasana (Corpse Pose), Sirsasana (Tripod Headstand), Viparitakarani kriya (Sholder Stand) and Kapalbhati kriya (head shine) improve skin quality.

Shavasana and Kapalbhati kriya are easy breathing exercises that free the mind from stress. Sirsasana (headstand) and Viparitakarani kriya (shoulder stand) improve oxygen and blood circulation.

Submitted by s s on November 2, 2011 at 01:01

Yoga asanas for weight loss

With obesity being a major issue people are trying various fitness techniques to knock off the extra kilos. One effective way of doing this is with yoga asanas for weight loss, which also has various types of exercise for glowing skin. A weight loss diet often leaves a person with a dull and lifeless skin which starts to sag once a lot of weight is shed, but with yoga asanas one can retain the freshness on the facial skin while loosing weight.  Gaining weight is because today’s lifestyle has become a sedentary one, people walk less and use their vehicles more. Housework has so many gadgets to help that there is very little physical activity in it; even the TV remote is to blame for this lack of exercise. Obesity starts from childhood as kids are also getting used to sitting around instead of playing out door games because of lack of space. Healthy habits should be started a tan early age and yoga should be included in it.

Food for glowing skin

Not only does one require proper food for glowing skin there are several other ways to achieve this and meditation for glowing skin is one of them. A balanced diet and a stress free attitude is what gives the face a calm look and takes care of our outward appearance as well as body functions. A balanced diet helps the system with it functions and meditation gives one an inner peace. Unhealthy foods like junk foods, alcohol, cigarettes, oily and sugary foods and irregular food timings cause weight gain as well as skin eruptions. A diet which has all the required nutrition as well as foods which are rich in antioxidants will keep one fit and the skin glowing.

Yoga for hair growth 

A healthy skin and a head full of healthy hair is what most people aspire for. This is possible as there is yoga for hair growth as well as yoga for healthy skin. Yoga asanas for healthy hair and to promote growth of new hair which should be performed are sirasana which is the head stand pose as this increases the blood circulation to the scalp; pawanmuktasana which is the wind releasing pose; sasangasana or rabbit pose; vajrasana or the diamond pose; ustrasana or the camel pose; adho mykha svanasana or the dog facing downwards pose and the anuloma viloma which is a breathing exercise.

Yoga for face 

To maintain a clear and smooth facial skin one should practice yoga for skin, yoga for face, various kinds of facial yoga and also enjoy the luxury of herbal massage for face. Yoga poses which improve the blood circulation help in making the skin healthy and the muscles of the face firm and toned. Doing these asanas under the guidance of a yoga guru will help one to do the right kind of exercises which will have the maximum benefit on facial muscles and skin.

Yoga for glowing skin

There should be physical fitness for glowing skin and the practice of pilates for glowing skin or yoga for glowing skin. Performing these exercises on a regular basis will keep the skin looking healthy with a natural glow on it. Some of the exercises which are beneficial for maintaining a good skin are the cobra pose or bhujangasana, camel pose or ushtrasana, wind releasing pose or pawanmuktasana, plow pose or halasana, triangle pose or trikonasana, shoulder stand o sarvanghasana and sun salutation or suryanamaskar.

Yoga for concentration

Yoga for concentration is a good method of improving attentiveness and memory and stimulating the brain. Dharna keeps the mind alert and helps it to concentrate on a certain issue instead of wandering.
The mind set is constant when one practices dharna and because of this one can work efficiently and effectively. Meditation and pranayama make this more effective and this therapy helps adults as well as children to concentrate.

Yoga for face glow

Yoga is effective and beneficial in several ways and helps to relieve as well as cure many ailments. This form of exercise and therapy is also used for beauty therapies. There is yoga for face glow with yoga facial exercises and massage for glowing skin. The fresh face yoga benefits keep a person looking young.

Yoga to increase breast size

Breast augmentation has become a new fad amongst both celebrities and ordinary women. Resorting to surgery seemed to be the only solution, but yoga can also help to increase the breast size with various asanas. Stabdhasana which is an exercise for the shoulders and the neck also tones the muscles of the chest and is effective in increasing the size of the breast.  Another asana which helps in this is the camel pose or ustrasana. This exercise should be held for at least fifteen seconds each time before releasing it. The cobra pose or bhujangasana should be done regularly for increasing the size of the breasts. Some natural remedies which help are saw palmetto, fennel and fenugreek which stimulate the estrogen effects and result in breast enlargement.

Yoga for acne

Acne is caused by a bacteria and because the pores of the skin get blocked with sebum secretion. To practice yoga for acne as well as yoga for clear skin is very beneficial and has effective results. Changes in the diet along with meditation and yoga are known to bring about effective results in the skin condition.  Supta vajrasana and pavan muktasana are yoga poses which help relieve this skin condition. A healthy diet with less oil and sugary foods will help to clear the acne faster.

Yoga for stress management

Stress is the main reason which age’s people by damaging their skin and making it look old. Dry blotchy skin with marks and wrinkles is not just normal aging symptoms but is caused by stress. Fitness for the face with yoga and yoga for stress management should be combined together to make a person look relaxed and stress free and have a face which reflects good health.

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Having healthy and glowing skin is a reflection of good health. Practicing the yoga for glowing skin helps balance the hormones and increase the oxygen supply to your skin. This ensures resilience of the skin, and prevents it from dryness and sagging. Practicing yoga for glowing skin and overall health will also help in toning the muscles of the neck and face. Poor diet and insufficient stimulation of the excretory and circulatory systems allows toxins to build up, which is a major cause of eruptions in the skin.
Some of the effective yoga poses for glowing skin are Balasana (Child Pose), Uttanasana (Forward Bending Pose), Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose), and Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose). To perform the Balasana, you should be seated on your feet while you are in the kneeling position. You should keep your knees separated at hips width. Bring your forehead to rest on the floor and let your arms come forward. Then, let your arms come to the sides of your body with your palms facing in the upward direction. If you find it difficult to perform this yoga pose for glowing skin, you could make use of some props.
Practicing meditation for glowing skin helps by rejuvenating your skin and transforming the tissues and cells. Meditation helps clean the skin and give it a more youthful appearance. Along with yoga for clear skin, you could also make use of some home remedies to enhance the effects. One effective home remedy is to apply a mixture of the juice of half a tomato or orange and two teaspoons of curd. You should gently massage this mixture in an upward direction onto your face and allow it to dry. Then, wash it off with some cold water and let it dry. Rubbing an ice cube onto your face helps improve the blood circulation and keeps the skin healthy.
While practicing the yoga for glowing skin, a healthy diet is of utmost importance. You should make sure to eat a lot of herbs, vegetables, and fruits that provide the skin with essential nutrients and antioxidant properties. Fruits like mangoes, watermelons, grapes, and pears help nourish the skin and protect it from pollution and facial products that disrupt the natural balance of the skin. It is also important that you drink plenty of water, which helps flush out the toxins, and maintain good sleeping habits. By regularly practicing yoga for glowing skin, the health of your skin and the overall health of your mind and body will definitely improve.

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The glow on your skin is a reflection of your good health. Your skin and hair speak volumes about your health. If you are a healthy person but emotionally unsatisfied or stressed out about something it will reflect badly on your skin and vice versa. To have healthy skin you would need to balance both your physical health as well as your mental health. It is very easy to get healthy skin and hair. You just need to take care of some very simple and basic day to day things to achieve it and maintain the same. Follow the below mentioned routine for healthy flawless glowing skin:

Start your day with lots of water. You can follow the six glass wonder water therapy. Drink six glasses of water the first thing in the morning when you wake up. Sit in a cross legged position and slowly sip six glasses of water. That would be approximately a little over one liter of water. Then get up and walk around or do your housework but do not exercise immediately. The water will help to flush out the toxins from your body, will cleanse your stomach and intestines and will promote smooth bowel movements.

Next practice Dhyana or meditation for some time. Start with 10 to 15 minutes and then gradually extend the time. Use some music that is specially meant for meditation. This will greatly help to eliminate stress and tension, will boost your concentration, alertness and make you more calm and peaceful.

For your physical health after you finish meditation you can start with yoga. Start with Surya-namaskar or the Sun Salutation, as it is excellent for your entire body and easy to learn. Then gradually move on to other asanas or poses. Learning all the yoga asanas or poses from a qualified teacher will be safe and beneficial. There are a few do’s and don’ts about your eating habits that you need to keep in mind while practicing yoga that are listed below:
  • Eat your food in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Do not read, watch television or talk while eating. Pay attention to what you are eating, feel the texture and taste of the food and enjoy the flavor. Chew your food thoroughly before you swallow it, do not gulp your food fast and half chewed, as it will cause indigestion.
  • Eat freshly cooked food preferably that is made at home. Consume fresh dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, sprouts, whole grain cereals, curd, buttermilk, etc.
  • Completely avoid eating over processed and refined junk foods that are loaded with oil and spice. They increase the free radicals in your body that are very bad for your skin health.

Submitted by G M on January 21, 2009 at 11:59

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