Are their any asanas that make face glowing and fair? That reduces fatigue of the face and makes it bright? Are their any asanas for getting rid of spectacles?

(August 31, 2008)

Yoga can definitely help in skin rejuvenation as it balances the hormones and increases the supply of oxygenated blood to the skin parts. This prevents the skin from getting dry and also provides appropriate toning to the muscles of the face and the skin.

The skin is affected in teenagers because of the hormonal change in the body and once again for ladies it is affected at the time of menopause. Later with age wrinkles cause the skin to lose its glow and charm.

Various postures of yoga are beneficial for maintenance of glowing skin and for the removal of facial wrinkles. Deep breathing exercises of yoga can help to supply proper oxygenated blood to various organs of the body. The increased supply of oxygen rejuvenates the body internally as well as provides glowing skin. Facial massage along with yoga helps in the reduction of fatigue expression of the face and makes it bright.

Inverted postures of yoga like head stand and shoulder stand help to increase the supply of oxygen to the facial nerves and provides coolness to the eyes and the face. Increased supply of oxygenated blood to the eyes makes it cool and calm and provides better sight and vision. It cures the eyes of ailments like nearsightedness and improves the quality of sight.

Certain postures of yoga like lion pose, cobra pose, fish pose are all recommended for availing the glow of the face.

Lion pose can be performed as under:

  • Sit on the floor
  • Fold your legs by bending them through the knees
  • Sit on your heals
  • Keep your hands on your knees
  • Adapt a strong posture of a fierce lion
  • Take deep breaths
  • Inhale deeply
  • Exhale slowly
  • Stay in this posture for quite sometime
  • Lean forward and exhale through your mouth
  • Relax

Cobra pose is recommended for rejuvenation of the skin as well as facial charm. The steps of cobra pose are as under:

  • Lie down on the floor on your belly
  • Lift your head up in the air
  • Assist your body with the help of your hands
  • Keep your shoulders straight
  • Inhale deeply and exhale slowly

Fish pose is the next step to the lotus pose. The lotus pose can be undertaken by sitting upright with both your legs folded. Keep your back straight. Keep your hands on your folded knees. Take deep breaths. Now for fish posture, try to bend backwards and let your upper part of the body lie on the ground with the support of your head.

All these inverted postures of yoga help to rejuvenate the body as well as provide facial charm and glowing skin.

Submitted by R J on August 31, 2008 at 02:35

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