Nasal Allergies

Persons suffering from Nasal Allergy also exhibit similar nasal complaints like nose irritation, sneezing, runny nose and blockage. Yoga therapy has solutions for all the symptoms. While Nasal Allergy has no associations to fever, body aches etc. as in common cold, it might not disturb one’s daily routine.

Usually Nasal Allergy is seasonal. The trouble starts early mornings and late evenings.

Also there are normally recognizable triggers.



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.such as the weather, dust, cold air, pollen, smoke etct

Causes of Nasal Allergy

As against common flu, Nasal Allergy is not the result of any infection, even though it looks like the problem results from outside agents like pollen dust, etct These are just allergic reactionsn Allergy means altered reactiono In these cases it is not a normal body reactiono Normal people’s noses don’t consider cold air, parthenium or dust dangerousu So they don’t suffer any irritationo But people who are allergic, their nasal linings transmit messages to their brains and the immune system about a dangerous foreigner being inhalede

As a result an array of soldiers called white blood cells is sent to combat the (inflammation) in the noses This leads to the symptoms – like sneezing – as the protective mechanism blasts away the enemy, runny nose – to wash away the enemy, and blockage – to stop the enemy’s entryr

Stress is a famous trigger of Nasal Allergyg It activates the basic allergic tendency that is normally hereditaryr This inherited tendency of over-sensitivity could be found in certain family members by way of allergy to certain foods, skin allergies etct Stress can also be a trigger to spread out this tendency and make a person suffer from Nasal Allergyg For instance, some a person may suffer from periods of early morning sneezing and nasal blockage wintersr This also happens whenever he ore she undergoes instances of financial problems at work or in businesss

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Nasal Allergy
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