Yoga For Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the most common disease these days and many are afflicted by it. This can cause a chronic ailment and gets worse in winter seasons.

Various poses of yoga can help in the treatment of sinusitis and chanting the mantra 'Om' helps greatly as a part of yoga for the treatment of sinus. The vibrating sound of the word helps treat the sinus ailment and helps the mind to focus at one particular place.


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Yoga Breathing Techniques

The breathing exercises of yoga, especially the pranayam (Breath exercise) of Yoga opens the ducts which aids in free breath movements and cures the sinus ailment. These breath exercises free the nose and the tract of the congestion and ill effects of contamination in the environment.

Yoga rejuvenates the mind and the body. The inhalation and exhalation as a part of yoga practice creates sound vibrations which clears the nasal tract and aids in better breathing. The air movement in the nasal passage achieves free movement, this aids the lungs to function more effectively. It helps to deal with the virus that block the nasal tract and reduces the inflammation in the tract too. It helps to reduce the nasal discharge and helps to clot the mucous in the nasal cavity so that a person is cured from a runny nose.

Along with yoga, nasal washing with saline water helps to keep the nose and the nostrils clean and free from any blockage in the nostrils. Breathing exercise of yoga like Breath exercise and alternate nostril breathing can also help in the treatment of sinus to great extent.

It helps the membranes to be free from the allergy which causes infection. Sinus also affects the eyes and other organs of the body. It affects the facial muscles badly. Yoga helps to provide sufficient oxygen to the muscles of the face and help to rejuvenate them. One feels fresh and active after practicing yoga exercises and it provides relief to the eyes also. It also provides freedom from the heaviness of the head and there is no breath struggle in the worst case of sinus. It also provides relief from congestion and constant sneezing.

Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) provides exercise to all the organs of the body and nourishes the body from within so as to make it active all day long. Pavanmuktanasana (aeroplane pose) and bhujangasana (cobra pose) provides exercise to the upper organs of the body thereby provides relief from the sinus and congestion in the throat region.

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