Tips for Practicing Sun Salutation in Yoga

Sun salutation is also referred to as Surya Namaskar, is an effective technique for weight loss. Surya namaskar involves thirteen movements, which ultimately involves various yogic poses. A pace of four salutation rounds with twenty four salutations, on a daily basis, aids in loss of extra pounds.

The number of calories burnt, is dependent on the pace at which your do the namaskar. Yogic exercises prove effective, only when followed in a proper manner.


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If you are not able to stick to the breathing technique, reduce the frequency of the asana. Strain or stress of any kind also hinders with performance of yoga. Your body takes time to adjust to any kind of physical exertion. Hence, it is still not ready for such high intensity exercise. Do not bother about your target weight loss, but, abide by proper practice and patience.

Check out other forms of asanas to break the monotony. Ashtanga yoga and Bikram yoga are two effective methods of weight reduction. Kapalbhati and other forms of Pranayama also exhibit positive effect, with relation to loss of accumulated fat. Kapalbhati involves a series of rapid exhalation. Contract the abdominal muscles and exhale continuously in a rapid manner. Do not inhale, till the time possible and then relax. A session of fifteen minutes of kapalbhati is recommended. It helps in the treatment of all disorders such as lung disorders, diabetes, thyroid functioning, asthma, wheezing, liver condition and so on. In case of any kind of discomfort or dizziness, kapalbhati is not practiced. If you suffer form high blood pressure or any heart condition, avoid kapalbhati.

The crescents pose firms and tones the thighs, abdomen and hips. Stand straight with your feet together. Lift your arms and put your right feet in the forint.

The fingers should point towards the ceiling. Bend from the hip towards the front, and exhale. Bring down the hands slowly. The right knee arches behind ands look straight. Repeat this procedure and hold after lifting the hands. Come back and stand straight, and repeat with the next leg.

Willow pose helps to tone the abdomen. Stand straight with your hands on the sides. Lift the sole of the right foot and keep it on the left thigh. Bring together your palms, in front of your chest. Take two breaths and on the third one. Push your hands up towards the roof. Inhale and then exhale. Bend to the side. Inhale and come back. Bend the torso to the other side and straighten. Repeat this step for about five minutes.

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