Bikram Yoga Poses for Ankle and Knee Cramping

Various postures of Bikram yoga help to relieve the ankle as well as knee cramping. It involves all body organs and maintains a perfect harmony between mind and the body.

It enhances the flexibility of the body and makes the body highly mobile in order to take up various activities. It works wonders to relieve the body from the pain in the joints of the body.


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Joints are the critical position where the toxins can accumulate and cause intense pain and hamper the normal body function. The free movement of the joints is highly essential for the body to carry out the daily tasks with great comfort and ease. Bikram yoga poses work wonders for the treatment of joint pain anywhere in the body.

There are several postures of Bikram yoga and the ones recommended for ankle cramping are Ardh Chandrasana (Semi Moon Pose), Uktasana (Hazardous pose), Gaurasana (Eagle Pose) and Tuladandasana (Balance stick Pose)

To practice these postures is simple, but the yoga practice would be more effective if the steps are followed in the right sequence.

For semi moon Pose:

  • Stand straight and upright
  • Lift both your hands up and join them
  • Now bend your body from the stomach and pointing your joined hands in east direction
  • Repeat the bend on the other side
  • Have multiple iterations of it

Hazardous Pose:

  • This posture is little tough to practice
  • Try sitting as if you are sitting on a chair with no actual chair around

Eagle Pose:

  • Eagle pose is also tough to master.

    You need to:
  • Fold your both hands like two rolled snakes
  • Fold both your legs too in the similar manner
  • Try to sit with knee bend

For Balanced Stick Pose:

  • Stand upright with both your feet held firmly on the ground
  • Bend your upper part of the body from the thigh
  • Fold your hands similar to sea diving pose
  • Now, try to lift your one leg backwards in the air while holding the ground with the other
  • Hold the pose for sometime
  • Slowly relieve from the posture

To cure an ankle cramp it is essential that a perfect bend is achieved from the ankle and toe exercise. This posture is practiced in a manner that the total movement of the feet is achieved. Rotating the feet from the ankle in all the directions helps free the joint and increase the mobility of it. Increased mobility of the joint of the ankle will surely help to heal ankle cramping.

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