Yoga For Heart Disease

Yoga is helpful for individuals suffering from heart diseases. But, consult your physician before practicing yoga. Blockage in the arteries slows down the pace of the blood, thereby resulting in complications such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and so on.

Stress and diet are the primary causes for this disease. Yoga enhances the flexibility of the body, thereby helps to control blood pressure, arterial blocks and so on.


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Practice Sudarshan Kriya To Have A Heart Healthy

Yoga provides relief from stress, which is the primary contributing factor for coronary artery disease. Yoga cannot cure a condition, though it helps a great deal to overcome the same. The corpse pose or Bhujangasana helps to reduce the stimulants of heart disease, which is stress. In case of any pain or fatigue, stop and relax.

Kapalabhati is an effective technique in individuals with heart problems. It is a pranayama technique that involves rapid breathing procedure. It increases the volume of oxygen absorption in a very short span. Increase in oxygen increases the blood supply to the heart. The diaphragm is under control, when practicing this asana. It improves the functioning of the respiratory system. A rich supply of oxygen rich blood makes the heart healthy. It is effective for heart related problems and for diabetes.

Tadasana or the yoga mountain pose is the fundamental for all postures. It is a standing asana. Stand with your feet apart.

Inhale and keep them apart in a slow manner. Rest your shoulders and allow your arms to hang on the sides, the palm facing the floor. Lighten your upper body and look at the roof. Relax your jaws and face. Remain for thirty seconds and relax. It improves the alignment of the body and ensures balance and stability.

Yoga for People suffering from Diabetes and Heart Problems

Diabetes is controlled to a great extent by yoga. Surya namaskar or sun salutation is very effective to control diabetes. Nadi shodhan or alternative nostril breathing is a kind of pranayama technique that aids in decreasing the blood glucose levels. Meditation also proves effective against diabetes. Pranayama has a sedative effect and thereby reduces stress levels. Bikram yoga and Hatha yoga also helps to alleviate diabetes. Yoga Nidra when practiced thrice a day proves beneficial. Shavasana, single leg raises, surya namaskar, double leg raises, shoulder stretches, matsyasana and ardha matsyendrasana are other asanas that help in individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus. Kapalabhati, relaxation pose and anuloma viloma also proves beneficial.

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