Yoga for Diabetes

(August 8, 2008)

My father is suffering from cirrhosis of liver with diabetes. Can this be controlled or cured by yoga. If yes, which are the yoga asana to be performed to cure this disease?

Cirrhosis is the disease in which the liver becomes weak and cannot perform its duties well. The generation of bile is hampered which affects the process of digestion and the normal functioning of the body. The chief function of the liver is to remove the toxins from the food and also make it free from the germs and bacteria. Impairment in the functioning of the liver helps to control the infection. It also produces proteins which are required for the regular metabolism in the body and to nullify the effects due to regular wear and tear of the body parts.

Cirrhosis disease spreads slowly and hence if it is diagnosed and treated early then the life of the patient can be saved. Cirrhosis is mostly accompanied by high or low blood sugars and extra care should be taken if diabetes exists along with cirrhosis. Herbs like celeray seeds, dandelion, green tea, licorice root and turmeric can be used for the treatment of the disease. Yes, yoga can help greatly in restoring the liver disease. Various yoga asanas (postures) provide harmony between the mind and the soul.

A few of the asanas of yoga like Halasana (plough pose) and chakrasana (wheel pose) works greatly for providing comfort to the stomach, belly and the liver. The cat, cow and eagle postures also support the back and the breathing exercises accompanied as a part of yoga helps in providing freshness to the liver so that it can carry out its tasks with better results. Nostril breathing alternatively helps to support the functioning of the liver by better supply of oxygen to it. It helps in pumping of clear blood and helps in increased metabolism of the body.

Forward and backward bends helps to provide the desired stretch and strain to the body and helps to support the back and the rib cage. Hatha yoga postures and back bends also increase the flexibility of the body and provide strength to the upper organs of the body.

It also increases the stability of the spine and helps to maintain the balance of the body. Yoga postures with appropriate breath control and proper meditation techniques helps to acquire better mental strength and keeps the body active. Sun salutation as a part of Yoga helps to provide exercise to all the bodily organs to maintain the zeal of life and keep the body active. Other recommended postures for Cirrhosis include shooting bow postures and half moon postures which give exercise to the upper body organs.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 07:16

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