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(July 25, 2008)

What are the yogasanas for diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer?

Yoga helps to control and treat a variety of disorders including hypertension, diabetes and cancer. However it should not be used as a primary form of treatment. Always consult with your doctor before embarking on any alternative treatment for chronic ailments. Through a series of breathing exercises aka Pranayama in combination with physical workouts, diabetes and hypertension can be controlled to a great extent. All forms of yoga exercises are beneficial for the body and helping in the control of various disorders. Certain yogasanas when practiced by sitting cross-legged on a flat surface, enhances the performance of the pancreas which is a vital organ that is usually under distress in the condition of diabetes. One important Pranayama technique known as the anulom-vilom or the alternate nostril breathing technique is a great breathing exercise meant to clear the respiratory system. Kapalbhati must also be practiced at the rate of one count per second. While practicing both these Pranayama techniques, one must mentally concentrate on the breathing patterns especially on the exhaling rather than on inhaling.

Hatha yoga is the best form of yoga method for the management of stress, and especially to control high blood pressure. It is one of the mildest and gentlest forms of yoga and is the best-known alternative therapy for hypertension. Some important yogasanas for the control of hypertension include Balasana or the child's posture, the Savasana or the corpse pose, and the Makarasana also referred to as a crocodile posture. Another important form of Pranayama is known as Agnisar. This particular form of breathing helps in the stimulation of the pancreas, due to the movements of this particular Pranayama which involves the expansion and contraction of the stomach. These yogasanas have a number of movements through the appropriate poses and motions one can sufficiently stimulate the affected organ, in order to revive and rejuvenate it.

All these forms of yogasanas and are extremely important as maximum relief is obtained from the practice of yoga for the treatment of diabetes as well as high blood pressure. Most forms of yogasanas and Pranayama helped to eliminate the stress and tensions from daily life and also help regulate the internal organs in the body. With regards to treatment for cancer, it is imperative to know which form of cancer and at what stage the patient is suffering from before deciding on an alternative form of therapy. It is always advisable to get medical guidance on any secondary from of treatment in addition to the primary medication to serious disorders such as cancer.

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