Controlling blood pressure with Yoga

(September 5, 2010)

What is the best asanas for controlling high blood pressure. Any specific diet reommended

Blood is the main medium by which the various nutrients and oxygen are supplied through the body. Nutrition, oxygen and many different hormones are transported to various parts of the body. Waste products and carbon dioxide are also removed from these areas using the blood. The blood is circulated through a system of arteries and veins. The heart is the organ that is responsible for pumping blood around the body. When the body is under physical strain the demand for blood increases. This causes the heart rate to increase as more blood needs to be pumped through it. At the same time, the blood pressure will also increase because of the faster beats. During periods of rest, the heart will pump slowly and the blood pressure will be at a low level. It is during this time that blood pressure is measured. A person is diagnosed with high blood pressure when, during rest, the blood pressure reads higher than 130 over 90. The normal blood pressure is reported around 120 over 80. These two numbers represent the beating and the resting phase of each heart beat. One problem that is very prevalent today is that of high blood pressure and yoga can help address this issue.
High or low blood pressure is often a result of poor physical condition. Exercise can be used to improve this situation. People with blood pressure issues should consult their doctors before going in for exercise. When one considers blood pressure and yoga, one can say that almost all yoga asanas are good for blood pressure regulation. This is because the asanas aim to improve the overall health of an individual. When the individual is healthy, the circulatory system functions more efficiently. Stress is another factor that affects blood pressure and yoga is one of the most effective disciplines to counter stress. An individual must be relaxed in order to release his or her tension and return the blood pressure to a normal level.
When one considers blood pressure and yoga asanas, one must consider the sitting meditation pose and the corpse pose. These two poses require the individual to sit or lie absolutely still with a focus on rhythmic breathing. As the body settles down and the breathing is constant, the mind tends to relax. All thoughts should be put to one side and the focus should simply be on the sensation felt through the body as well as the pace of the breath. This relaxation will help in stress reduction.
Other than this, the sun salutation sequence can be performed to improve circulation. This helps to boost fitness which may be the root problem when one considers improper blood pressure. 

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Yoga Poses to Control Blood Pressure 

One of the classic forms of meditation also known as easy-pose in Yoga, the sukhasana must be performed daily after the corpse pose has been done. Sukhasana is important in maintaining a straight spine in addition to easing metabolism, and promoting peace of mind.  This is an ideal position in Yoga to control high blood pressure, important it is relaxation pose that is intended to take the individual into meditation.  Shoulder stretchers are also important in getting rid of stress and tension from the shoulder area and the entire upper body, especially the back.  You need to practice the shoulder stretches in addition to the easy pose for a number of days before you notice a change in India levels a few blood pressure. Shoulder stretches have to be done in a very comfortable position; do not stretch more then you can else further strain can lead to a secondary problem.

Another important pose aka cat pose is highly recommended in lowering high blood pressure.  The cat Yoga pose helps the individual to concentrate on the movement from the centre of the body and also to coordinate the movements along with the breath. Movement and breathing are two very important disciplines in the practice of Yoga.  However, remember to inform your instructor if you are experiencing back problems or pain or any type of injury.  This particular pose helps to loosen back and spine tension and also stretches the body while freeing the neck and shoulders of any kind of pressure or stress.  By performing the cat pose, the spine fluids are stimulated in addition to improved digestion in the stomach while the abdominal muscles develop due to the contractions. The cat pose is also vital in managing stress and physical tension.

If you have recognized any bad eating habits in your diet, you'll need to correct then immediately in order to bring a change in the levels of your blood pressure.  Even though you may be under the medication to control hypertension, a change in your regular diet will greatly benefit you in the long run.

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