Yoga for high blood pressure

(April 10, 2008)

I want to control my high blood pressure. what are the types of yoga for this.

Yoga for high blood pressure 

Hypertension of high blood pressure is normally caused due to stress. Other reasons for high blood pressure include emotional unbalance, genetics, climatic condition, obesity, excessive smoking or alcohol consumption. In order to control high blood pressure Yoga practices helps deal with and prevent the high blood pressure due to mental and physical activities. Individuals with high blood pressure must always consult their doctor before beginning on yoga therapy. Yoga as a therapy or as a sole treatment for hypertension or high blood pressure must not be performed without the supervision of the doctor.

To begin, start with daily Ushapan. In daily Ushapan, the individual must consume at least three to four glasses of lukewarm water each morning to help the body effectively eliminate the body's waste products. Shavasana and Om chanting when practiced regularly brings down the blood pressure levels to the tune of 10 to 15 mm / Hg. while in the Shavasana position, try practicing Ujjayi breath for three to four minutes.  Ujjayi breathing helps in introducing the patient to breathing awareness and sensation. Prolonged and controlled breathing when practiced daily is a form of meditation that greatly helps in reducing high blood pressure. Sukhasana and Anuloma Viloma for beginners is a must to control high blood pressure as well as a good introductory practice to advanced forms of asanas.

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