Practicing Yoga for Healing Heart Ailments

In India it is a well known practice, before a medical practitioner is summoned for a heart attack, the patient is made to lie down on the floor with his / her legs raised. This actually makes sense; it is, in fact, common sense.

When the legs are elevated, the blood flows back to the heart. Subsequently, and the pressure and strain on the heart is reduced, no matter what the complaint.


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Following that, the heart finds itself able to function, at least until such time as the medical practitioner arrives. This is a very simple practice that anyone can learn and teach everyone. In the West and particularly in the USA, heart condition is not a major ailment. If fact, it is called the number one killer. In India, only the ones practising the Western, sedentary way of life, suffering from stress and tensions, insecurity and strain, suffer heart problems.

Healing Yoga for the heart

In the male body the testes secreted the hormone Testosterone. It is constantly being secreted. In fact it happens consciously and unconsciously during sexual intercourse, sexual fantasies, etc. So, if testosterones attack the heart, how can we control to prevent them from being produced in excess and causing heart attacks? Yoga teaches us that the practice of Siddhasana helps.

It is one of the postures in which you may sit for meditation. In this pose, you place left foot under the scrotum, while the right is on top of the genitals. Practise this, and over a period of time, it is said to result in complete control over the secretion of testosterone.

Siddhasana helps in the treatment of abnormal blood pressure as well. Anybody suffering from high or low blood pressure just has to hold this for half an hour or if possible one hour. See how the blood pressure moves back to normal. This is owing to the fact the pressures exerted on the perineum and the viscera are sent to the brain centers that govern blood pressure. Hypertension is the result of tension and stress reaching the brain and thence to the blood vessels and heart. There are, no doubt, a number of ways of controlling hypertension, but with relation to Siddhasana, this is important this for this day and age.

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