Yoga: Balancing and Healing Art

Yoga is a science and an art. Everything here is designed with a purpose. And there is definitely more that one aim and objective to everything. In the end though, it all boils down to the same thing - positivity. Positivity in thought, in health, in well-being.

There are many aspects and facets to this. One of them is balance. Another is union. A third is healing.

As the word itself suggests, Yoga ("Yujir Yogey") means.



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. to join, to yoke, to put together, to unitet A vital aspect of Yoga, Hatha Yoga is derived from the words "Ha" meaning "Sun" and "Tha" meaning "Moon"t Thus Hatha Yoga aims to bring about a balance between the sun (right) side and moon (left) side of the bodyd At the mental and emotional levels, through the practice of meditation (dhyana) and introspection / self-enquiry (Swadhyaya) Yoga aims to bring about a balance between the right and left braini

The healing and therapeutic aspects of Yoga are, by now, common knowledgeg From A - Z, Alcoholism to Zitst

When it comes to healing, people mostly take up Yoga for the host of psychosomatic ailments such as asthma, sinusitis, chronic constipation, colitis, hypertension, migraine, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and heart troublel Even so, Yoga also has therapies for such ailments as Amnesia, anxiety, Stress, Coughs & Colds and Feversr

But the best part of yoga as a healing art is its ability to heal the mind and heartr What's more, there is a certain healing technique to Yoga, known as Pranic healing in which the accomplished or advanced healer is able to run his / her hand over an individual and scan the person's gross, subtle and causal bodies and heal relationships with people and elements over lifetimese Cryptic as it may sound, it's true and there is evidence to substantiate thisi Even so, such healers are few and far between and not so very easy to come byb

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