What is Naad Yoga?

(October 8, 2013)

"Naad" implies "sound" and "Yoga" implies "union". Naad yoga aims at uniting your mind with sound. The vibrations contained in sound form the basis of naad yoga. By listening to positive sounds, your body responds in a healthy manner, and by listening to negative sounds, your body also accordingly shows the signs of stress. Vibrations can be created in your body as it is made up of a good percentage of water. As per yoga, vibrations are caused by all kinds of sounds, but certain syllables or phrases have a more significant effect on your body than others. Mantras in yoga create special vibrations in your body. It is presumed that naad yoga will actualize the concept that it is meant to convey.

Kundalini naad yoga is a Raja yoga or Maha yoga, meaning that it is a royal form of yoga that is also known as the Diamond of Yoga. In kundalini naad yoga, breathing exercises and physical exercises are done along with chanting and visualizing of concepts. Here, the intention is to bring the solar and lunar powers to work in unison within your body and maintain the equilibrium. Here a conscious way of awareness is passed on into your being by your instructors. Kundalini energy, as it is referred to, begins at the base of your backbone. It is then pulled to your fourth vertebra or central point of kundalini yoga. From there, the energy is taken up through your throat to reach the crown of your head. Kundalini naad yoga combines the kundalini technology with the vibrations caused by your chanting of yoga mantras or holy phrases. This form of yoga assumes that when you practice this on a regular basis, you will be able to root out all discomforts in your body as well as reach the zenith of your abilities and wisdom in life.

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