General health and Yoga

(September 7, 2010)

Shall we increase our weight and height in yoga? I have dry skin problem which procedure is better for that in yoga.

Good health and yoga tend to go hand in hand on account of the numerous health benefits that the individual is known to enjoy on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Yoga is basically a Sanskrit word for “union” which is a practice wherein one tends to derive the maximum health benefits from the various yoga postures via breathing techniques that tend to improve strength and also induce relaxation in the individual. Yoga is known to have myriad physical health benefits as it keeps the body strong and fit by involving all the muscles of the body to hold the various yoga poses. Yoga practice offers tremendous benefits for your physical health and yoga’s meditative practices expand its scope greatly. Normally when we speak of fitness, health and yoga we don’t really think about mental or emotional health because these are not really areas that are focused on in most fitness routines. The benefits are mostly coincidental, but in yoga mental well being is very much a part of the equation. No matter what your age or fitness levels, it is important to make a conscious effort to enhance your health and yoga beginners can derive the health benefits of the various yoga poses as these poses tend to strengthen the legs, lower back, hands, shoulders, and feet. Yoga is also known to relieve stress and anxiety via meditation and breathing techniques that cause the person to relax and concentrate on their body and its demands.  Practicing the various stretching and breathing exercises in yoga are also known to help the joints, tendons and muscles sty limber as well as improve the flexibility of the individual. People who are suffering from the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis are also known to get significant relief from the pain and stiffness by practicing the yoga poses. The lighter forms of yoga are also known to lower the blood pressure in the individual as the various yoga poses, or postures tend to keep the blood flowing evenly and constant in the body of the individual while they are focusing on their breathing. Yoga tends to improve the overall cardiovascular health of the individual by lowering the heart rate as well as the cholesterol levels in the individual. Yoga also impacts the mental heath of the individual positively as it brings about a sense of inner purpose and peace which helps one deal with day to day stress effectively. A lot more attention needs to be given to mental health and yoga stress relief techniques can offer a valuable solution. Thus yoga has been used to treat mental and emotional disorders such as mood swings, depression and acute anxiety as well. There are many among us who have great problems of mobility and flexibility because of certain conditions or simply the state of our general health and yoga may seem daunting, but it isn’t really. In fact people at any age and in any level of fitness can reap the benefits of yoga; this includes children as well who may resort to yoga to treat hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders because yoga tends to help them to get control and relax. There is also a form of vigorous yoga known as power yoga which is highly effective in losing weight and controlling weight gain as it tends to burn a lot of calories.

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General health and Yoga 

Weight and height are two parameters that can be useful in knowing the ideal body weight. According to the height and weight, dietary modifications can be done to gain and maintain an ideal weight. Apart from dietary modifications, exercise is also important for muscle development and reducing the fat content in the body.

Enhancement of height can be useful by yoga. Ranging from basic stretching exercises to yoga asana; it can be beneficial for gaining proper height. Some of the yoga poses like vriksha asana and padahastha asana as well as Surya namaskar are recommended for enhancement of height.  Yoga for increasing can be useful in strengthening the spine and lower back, lengthening the hips and making it strong, improving the strength of the bones of the legs and stimulating the growth hormones. However enhancement of weight due to yoga is difficult. Exercises are available that can improve the muscle formation thus increasing the weight. Thus diet and exercises are the two factors that contribute to increased weight.

Yoga helps in toning up of the skin. Apart from natural products that are available for the skin, basic stretching of the face and massaging in circular motions for certain duration can help in blood circulation and enhance the quality of the skin. It avoids sagging and wrinkling of the skin. However a specific procedure for the same in yoga to eliminate dry skin problem is unavailable. Massaging with oils, stretching of the skin like eyes, mouth, nose and maintaining a balanced diet as far as possible can help in gaining beautiful skin.

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