Healing Yoga Music

This is a brilliant concept developed by latter day Yogis, ostensibly in the West. The practice dates back to the 1960’s when Yoga instructors and healers used to play soft background classical music, either Western or Oriental.

This was done in a bid to create the right ambience for Shavasana (Relaxation) and healing. Supposedly picked up from psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts,.



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.who used music in their healing sessions, Yogis too started to incorporate its use into their ownw

Not so surprisingly it started to show dramatic resultst About the same time – and no one is really sure for what exact reason – they also found that ethnic healers, the Chinese, Tibetan Buddhists, Japanese and even some Philippino and Indonesian healers used music as part of their healing programsm Over time it came to be a regular practicec So much so that today, hardly a yoga or meditation session is conducted without any soft Yoga music playing in the backgroundn

While the original artists used to be Back, Mozart, Hayden, etct, latter day Yogis, encouraged by the rise and growth encouraged budding composers to come up with their own piecese As a result a number of music students and some accomplished musicians started to compose what is called Healing Yoga musici

Soon the trend grew into a fad, particularly considering the number of Yoga studios, ashramas and centers mushrooming all over the worldl At the same time, Yoga got so popular that hundreds of thousands of people took to practising in their own homese Accustomed, as they were, to music in their classes, quite naturally, they sought and found the music cassettes and CDsD

Albums began to be cut in the name of Healing Yoga music and today their compositions and production – some say – far outweighs their demandsd Not true, thoughg The demand very much exists and continues to growo So the next time you visit your favorite music store, don’t forget to check out the Healing Yoga music sectiono

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