Nia Yoga

(July 4, 2010)

What is nia yoga?

Nia yoga is also known as aerobic yoga and is the latest form of exercise that basically blends or fuses different forms of bodily movements. This yoga blends the eastern and western elements of dance, tai chi, martial arts, and yoga. People who love to experience something different are often found taking up nia yoga. There is constantly playing background music in the nia yoga classes. To really understand nia yoga you need to understand this music and go with the flow of the music. Nia yoga is supposed to be a joyful working-out experience. It stands for neuromuscular integrated action. These days nia yoga is gaining popularity due to the spontaneity of this work out.
Nia yoga has plenty of benefits some of them are as follows:-
• It helps with weight loss and maintenance
• It improves muscle tone and strength
• It helps with endurance
• It gives a better ability to deal with stress
• It improves posture
• Helps with better concentration
• Helps people achieve a better emotional state

A number of people prefer nia yoga to aerobics since they believe that aerobics is too myopic, and limiting. Nia yoga is designed for all ages and fitness levels. You get to address the whole body and mind with the help of nia yoga. Nia yoga certainly brings about a number of changes in the body that enhances people’s health. This workout improves flexibility and strength. It involves in moving the body and concentrating on the breathing exercises at the same time. This helps in warming up the joints and muscles.
When the tempo livens, the people start to move around, shake, shimmy and even spin themselves. Some add to the music with their clapping. The freestyle dancing continues and it energizes people with it. People also start doing the tae-kwon-do kicks and punches these help let off the stem and it also boosts the heart rate. With this form of exercise your body feels more connected to its feelings; you command grace, strength and power.
Nia yoga helps in body awareness. Movement helps us to find health, physically, emotionally, mentally and also spiritually. Nia yoga is not a difficult form of work out, it thus helps people be more peaceful, energized and joyful. The nia yoga technique is also being used in a number of rehabilitation programs for cardiac patients. With nia yoga one can be fit and active in an absolutely fun-filled way.

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