What Are The Things Inside a Yoga Kit for Kids?

Yoga Kit for Kids is both a game and a teaching tool. It combines fun, fitness and imagination. Bright, 5" x 7" cards feature photographs of children in easy Yoga asanas.

These cards are illustrated with objects or animals the poses are named after. Kids emulate the poses in the illustrated photographs on the cards and pretend to be Dogs, Lions, Heroes and more. On the other side of the cards are cartoons and.



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Spice Up your Kid's Yoga Class

.short rhyming poems - fun to remember and repeat - that describe how to get into and out of a poses

Benefits of Yoga kits for kids

  • Build up strength, flexibility and balancec
  • Perfect for indoors or outu
  • Can be used both at home and schoolo
  • Suitable for ages 4 and onwardsd

Things inside yoga kits for kids

  • 25 strong, long-lasting over-sized Yoga cardsd
  • A 24 page illustrated instruction manuala
  • Music CDC It contains thirty minutes of energizing classical music and thirty minutes of soothing instrumental musici
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Yoga Kit for Kids
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