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(August 1, 2008)

Is there any yoga practice for ear disease? I am suffering from ear pain and pressure problem. Finding it difficult to balance myself while walking, focusing things and standing for long time. Can it be solved by yoga?

Yoga has shown great results for the treatment of ear diseases and help in curbing pain by providing relief from a wide variety of ear ailments. Different postures of halasana (plough pose) help to provide a sure cure for the ear ailments. One specific asana is karnapidasana (ear pain asana ) which is specifically meant for the treatment of ear diseases. Karma stands for ears while pida means acute pain and agony. Hence, this asana provides relief from intense pain in the ears. This karnapidasana is another variant of halasana which is specifically designed for the ear ailments.

This yoga can be practiced by holding both legs up in the air by holding them at the angle of ninety degrees while lying flat on the ground with the hands at rest. Later, in the next step the waist is required to be raised with the help of the palm and the legs can rest on the ground in this state of the asanas.

The third step includes simple halasana where in the person is required to sit with his knee folding backwards while pressing both the thighs with both his hands. This helps in better metabolism in the upper part of the body and lets the stagnant blood in the lower part of the body to move upwards. Better circulation of the blood in the affected organ helps in the reduction in the acute pain in the ears and helps in reducing the pressure caused to the ears thereby providing freedom from the ear ailments.

Staying in any posture of the yoga for quite some time helps in using the effects of it on the rest of the body and shows better results. Hence, all the postures of yoga when practiced for longer duration, provides better circulation of the blood in the upper part of the body.

Acute pain in the ear may be caused due to some virus infection in the ears and hence yoga exercise which involves breathing and holding the breath for long time helps to provide relief from the pain caused due to viral infection. The pain in ear can be extended to the pain in the jaws and the teeth. Hence it is desirable that this ear pain is handled on time with great care and caution in order to provide instant relief from the ailment. It may also be caused due to accretion of waste products in the ear veins hence better circulation of the air and blood in the veins can provide a sure cure to the pain caused due to ear infection.

Submitted by R J on August 1, 2008 at 08:17

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