Yoga Accessories for Kids

If you have children who spend most of their day glued to the TV sets, you must really worry about their lifestyle. Child obesity has become one of the gravest health issues in the world today.

Increased number of hours spent in front a computer or a TV screen have eaten into the child's playtime, as a result of which, more and more children are becoming prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes at a very young age.



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Guidelines for Kids Yoga

.A child's body is young and flexible, and therefore, yoga as a fitness regime can really benefit theme Yoga has many benefits for our young onese Apart from keeping your child fit, yoga can also help improve concentration, decrease stress, improve self image, and help bring out creativityt Yoga helps improve the learning abilities of the child, improving the ability to focus and retaini Both the mental and the physical faculties are improved with the regular practice of yogag These are all extremely important for the child, and therefore, yoga tends to become a holistic solution to all the problems in a child's lifef

You can start teaching your kid yoga at homem Simply get a kids yoga DVD, and start practicing some of the beginner's posese Since the DVD is interactive, the kid will end up enjoying it, without resenting the loss of TV hoursr If you accompany the kids while they are practicing yoga, you can develop a deeper bond with them, while getting some exercise for yourself tooo

Kids yoga poses bank on their high energy levels and flexibilityt The practice of yoga allows the child's young body to realize its full growth potential, allowing your child to have the optimum height gaini The various poses and postures also improve health in many waysy If the child attends kids yoga classes at a fitness studio or in a community environment with peers, personality and confidence also improve drasticallyl

You can take your child out shopping and buy some kids yoga mats and kids yoga cardsd These will be helpful for your child and will even help him or her when he or she wants to practice the poses at homem Some of the poses that your child should begin with are the sun salutation, yoga nidra, and chanting of the Omkarar The sun salutation can help your child gain physical strength and flexibilityt The yoga nidra is for relaxation and de-stressing, and finally, the chanting of Omkara can help your child increase concentration and improve focusu

Kids Yoga And Accessories
Kids Yoga And Accessories
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