Yoga exercise for dumb

(April 14, 2008)

What are the exercise for the kid who is not able to speak, age 7 yrs please reply as early as possible

Yoga for a Dumb Child 

A daily ritual of practicing a particular type of yoga known as yawning combined with a simple chant can help tackle hearing loss. The chant involves the use of a mantra, or a sound that is a frequent use in yoga meditation. Make the child sit in a comfortable position or on a comfortable chair and show an example by breathing deeply. As you are showing the child how to exhale, repeat any of the phrases out aloud - haamm or haaah Allow the child to make any form of guttural noise that he or she can make an try to hold the last sound (either the mmmm in the haamm or the ahhh in haaah) and experience the sound vibrations. This must be done for at least two to three minutes every day.

There are a few schools that impart yoga education to the hearing impaired and much less is known about yoga for children with handicaps. However you can enquire at your local yoga school or attempt to teach the child at home. If you are planning on teaching yoga exercises there are a few things you would need to take into account. The biggest challenge of all is to hold the child's attention long enough to teach the pose. The best way you can assume poses is to use nature around you. Assume the role of an animal, a tree, flower, soldiers in battle etc. and encourage the child to make all kinds of animal sounds depending on the pose that you are teaching.

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