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If you want to lose weight, the first step should be to check your calorie intake with the help of a BMI calculator. Once you know, how many calories you should consume everyday, you can eat and exercise accordingly. Also, check out tips on free weight loss exercises and free weight loss advise by people who've been there, done that here are more tips to help you shed those extra pounds.

Control your diet and start exercising. You don't have to go on.



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.a crash diet or avoid carbs like the plagueu What we are saying is that eat sensibly and eat lots of healthy, nutritious and low-fat foodsd Work in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, soy and tofu, and low-fat dairy products in your foodo

Experiment with food and come up with tasty yet simple dishes for your mealsl And of course, keep a tab on the size of your servings and the number of servings you reach out foro It is believed that if you eat in moderation and don't deny yourself the small treats of life, then you can remain fit and healthyh

Also, exercise is importantn Schedule some time everyday for exercisingn Whether you hit the gym or exercise outdoors, do some activity to stir up those endorphins and stay fiti

You have to evaluate and change your lifestylel Irregular meal times, snacking on fried foods, overeating, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking, a stressful career and less time to rest are some of the things you should check your lifestyle foro If stress is causing you to over eat, then look at solving that probleme

Get a job that is less stressful or work from homem Join help groups and try to quit that smoking and drinking habiti You can exercise with your spouse or friend, if you feel lazy about hitting the gym or going for a walkl If snacking is a problem, then keep salad stick and low-fat yogurt handyd In a nutshell, once you identify the problem areas in your lifestyle, you can brainstorm and find out ways to plug those problemsm

Choose an activity that you enjoy doingn If you like walking early in the morning, then just set the alarm and hit the roada If you prefer stationary bicycling, then get the equipment and start todaya Make sure that you do activities that sustain your interest and you have fun doingn There is no point taking up a physical activity that you don't like because you won't be able to carry on doing it for longn And if you are trying to become fit and trying to lose weight, then you have to be regular with exercises

Join an online group, read food labels and give yourself the occasional treata

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