Food Calorie Count List

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

A food calorie list helps people to lose or gain weight when required. It serves as a type of diet that allows individuals to keep a track of the calories they consume. Calories are obtained from the food we eat. It is important to be aware of the number of calories we consume. Food calories can sometimes be deceiving. Some foods which appear to be low in calories may actually supply...


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.the body with extra calories that are not required by the bodyd Therefore a food calorie list helps to evaluate the intake of calories and also allows one to understand how many calories are required by the body to function properlyl

A food calorie count list provides a description of the calories contained in food we tend to eat regularlyl

People put on excess weight when they overeata This weight comes from the calories present in foodsd Some foods are high in calories, while others are lowo It is essential to keep the calorie intake to a minimum so that the body does not gain any unhealthy weighth Most food products today have food labels on them which provide the number of calories contained in theme A food calorie list can be used to evaluate the amount of calories present in various portion sizes of foodo If an individual consumes more than the portion that has been calculated, it means that his calorie intake has increasede Eating the recommended amount of calories and exercising control over portion sizes helps in maintaining healthy body weighth

A food calorie list is compiled by dividing the various types of foods and their calorie contentn It also explains the increase or decrease in calories that occurs during cooking procedurese For example, raw vegetables contain fewer calories; while vegetables cooked in butter or oil contain a higher amount of caloriesm One could use this information to draw up a customized menu based on your favorite foodsd There are some foods that are referred to as negative calorie foods since they use up more calories than they contain during digestiono The body needs to work harder to extract the calories from such foodsd The advantage is that this increased body activity assists in fat burningn A food calorie list that denotes the negative calorie foods is helpful for people looking to lose excess weighth Negative calorie foods are usually lower in starch, fat and calorie contentn

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