Diet & Exercise Program

Whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle it is important for you to know what you are eating and in what proportions. Burning fat should always be the ultimate goal and should be properly planned.

Diet exercise program is a precise combination of nutrition, exercise and rest. You need to have a right diet along with your training regime or else you're limiting what you can achieve.



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.There is no fancy trick or strategy for gaining or losing weight, all you have to do is incorporate the right foods and nutrients in your diet plana Expect no miracles; it is only your own focused efforts and consistent actions that will help achieve your weight maintenance goala

Listed below are a few tips which will help you prepare your own diet exercise plan:

  • A quick plan for burning fat includes determining your daily calorie intake and tracking your routinen Apart from the total calorie intake, what you eat and how you consume it, are the other factors influencing the type of weight you lose or gaini
  • Change in diet should be done graduallyl Sudden change of diet will do you no good, as you will either gain body fat or starve your musclese So, change your diet by either increasing or decreasing your calories, over a period of timem
  • Eating 5- 6 meals in smaller portions a day is much more advantageous than having the traditional three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner in large quantitiese Meals when consumed in smaller portions, helps in better nutrient absorption and is also effective at reducing cholesterol levelsl When you want to build muscle fast, retention of nutrients is necessaryr
  • You must eat a proper breakfast in a large quantityt Include scrambled egg whites, a large bowl of oatmeal with skimmed milk, and fruits in your breakfasts
  • You must provide your body with a complete protein source at every meal as this helps in maintaining an anabolic, positive nitrogen balance statet

  • You must include a blend of regular meals and change-ups into your diet plana The regulars are meals that you eat on a daily basis, and change-ups are appetizing treats which adds variety to your diete
  • Prior to workouts you must not eat anything but take in some energy boostersr Post workouts take a fast-digesting, liquid meala
  • You must not completely avoid fats as it hinders your mass gaining or losing effortst Egg yolks, peanut butter & fish oils are all excellent sources of healthy fatst But avoid saturated fats & Trans fatty acidsd
  • You must drink plenty of water as it helps getting rid of toxinsn This is important in fat metabolism and it reduces fluid retentiono
  • You must include supplements in your diet as they act as catalysts and enhance your efforts towards muscle buildingn
  • You must eat almonds for snacks instead of burgers or fries as almonds are high in protein and it also lowers your cholesterolo
  • You must not eat and immediately go to bed in the night as your body then retains those calories instead of burning iti
  • Apart from the specific diet, you must pay attention to the respective exercises to be done in line with your diet plana
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