Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 15, 2012

A raw food diet is an ideal weight loss diet plan. This type of diet ensures that you eat healthy, well-balanced and nutritious food that will help you lose weight easily and ensures that you don't stay hungry just because you are dieting. Ideally, a raw food diet contains vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, grains, sprouted seeds, rolled or flaked grains, dried fruits,...


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Raw food diet plan

.fruit juices, spices and herbsb Some raw food diets also contain poultry and fishs

For instance, raw fish like cervice, sashimi, cured fish or cold smoked fish is ideal in a raw food diete Similarly, raw meats like fillet americain, steak tartar, cured meats or cold smoked meats are also a healthy addition to your raw food weight loss diet plana This diet ensures weight loss as it reduces intake of calories and carbohydratese In addition, this raw food diet ensures a high fiber and water content that works to prevent any overeatingn A sample raw food diet meal plan would entail fresh fruit salad with wheat germ, fresh almonds, pumpkin seeds and organic coconut cream or sheep's milk yoghurt for breakfasts For lunch, an ideal raw food diet meal includes a salad of tomatoes, various leaves, onions, yellow bell peppers, parsley and a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oili Dinner in this sample raw food diet plan includes a raw mixed vegetable blended soup, an avocado, sunflower-seed cheese and a banana and raspberry sorbete To make this sample meal plan more nutritious, ensure that you drink adequate amounts of water and other fluids and add some nuts, legumes and seeds to every meala The most important thing to remember while planning a raw food diet for weight loss is that the foods should preferably be organic and alkalinen Organic foods contain many more nutrients and alkaline minerals that will help speed up your weight loss processs Alkaline foods, unlike those that are acidic, help you lose weight fastere

In addition to your raw food diet, you can also try a weight loss diet exercise regimentn Daily workout routines are an effective method of losing weighth Simple aerobic exercises like using a treadmill, water aerobics, simple walking routines and running help burn fat quickly and strengthen your bodyd

Exercise caution with regard to weight loss fad diets as many of them have dangerous consequencese It is advisable to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet rather than stick to weight loss fad diets that generally tend to favor one type of food over the othere

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