Food diet for normal health

(September 7, 2010)

Hi,I am doing yoga daily. But i couldn't follow any food diet. please provide me food diet details.

The yoga diet is not a diet that encourages the individual to keep a track of their calorie intake or does it require the planning of a complicated yoga diet menu. The yoga diet plan simply ensures that the individual follows a well balanced diet ad that one does not over eat , but eats in moderation at all times. The unique part of following a yoga diet is that one need not be practicing yoga as well in order to follow the diet.  The yoga diet is considered to be one of the best ways to nurture the spirit and nourish the body of the individual. The yoga diet is also known as the Sattvic diet or the pure food diet which is primarily a vegetarian diet. Yoga promotes vegetarianism because it believes that vegetarianism prepares one for the higher forms of yoga and also tends to promote a sense of inner calm, peace and harmony between the mind and the body. Whereas on the other hand it has been observed that eating meat has been known to cause anger, increase in desires and inner tension. The yoga diet basically promotes a healthy balance of fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, cooked whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and also uses a combination of both cooked and raw foods. These foods are preferable as they tend to increase the sattwa in the body on account of these foods being light and supply and are yet able to supply the body with all the required nutrients. Yoga diet recipes also tend to use foods in their pure form because it is believed that foods that are overly cooked, old or stale tend to lose their pranic energy and instead if the individual only eat sattwic foods then in time their body chemistry will change which in turn will renew their digestive system thereby taking away any strain. The yoga diet states that an individual should eat foods that take minimal time to digest so that the rest of the energy thus saved can be put to more productive use. The bikram yoga diet also promoted eating of light non spicy food that is easy to digest. Additionally as per the yoga diet one should eat only till their stomach is half full and a quarter should be left for water or any other liquids. The last quarter of the stomach should be left empty so that digestion is allowed to take place.

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Food diet for normal health 

Maintaining a normal health and ideal body weight is essential for general well being. A proper diet is necessary hat can improve the functioning of the body system. It is very essential to maintain a diet plan that is being followed by the family otherwise it may become difficult to follow a modified diet. Avoid monotony in the diet plan. Bring variety in the plan with the inclusion of raw vegetables and fruits as well as cooked foods.

Have a point to include all types of food groups like cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables everyday so that all the nutrients are available in proper amounts. Drink plentiful of water so that the food gets digested and utilized well in the body. That doesn't mean that you need to avoid outside foods totally. You can have it but not very frequent. Bring certain modification in the diet like switching from white bread to brown bread, reducing consumption of sweets and candies and increasing the intake of fruits. Include salads in the meals. Have more of sprouts and whole grain cereals and pulses that are high in fibre.Avoid fried or fatty, instead bake, broil or steam foods so that the fat content is reduced.

Apart from diet modification, regular exercise and yoga is essential for enhancing the quality of life.

Submitted by A V on May 16, 2008 at 07:06

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