Build Immunity through Right Foods

In spite our far better standard of living, today, ailments and illnesses continue to be rampant. In fact, are our bodies aren’t able to respond effectively to treatment, either.

The answer lies in right eating habits: build immunity through “right” foods. If we continue to gorge “junk” food and continue to be “rushed” in our eating habits we will be taking a heavy toll on both, our physical as well as mental health.


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Yoga therapy has come up with brilliant concept of healing all ills – it’s called the Yoga diet. The powerful principle of Yoga diet helps you maintain a healthy body together with a stress-free mind. More importantly, Yoga therapy postulates that, this has existed for centuries; this not a newly developed, untested and unproven trend or craze. Ancient Yoga practitioners are said to have lived for over 100 years of age free of any ailment whatsoever.

In Yoga therapy, diet is a powerful tool for healing but it doesn’t divide foodstuffs into vitamins, minerals, protein etc. Rather, Yoga teaches that you will derive the real benefits of these essential elements only if you don’t isolate them. Have them as much as possible in their original form. See that the food you eat is as close as possible to its “whole” or natural state. We call these whole-foods since they not pre-processed at all.

The secret to good, optimum health is wholesome diet.

And this comes from having whole-foods as much as possible. A Yoga diet ensures three things. That the main functions of digestion – absorption, assimilation and elimination – work perfectly. Oftentimes “artificial” or “processed” foods develop in us conditions which upset the harmony of these three functions. Over time, this causes a lot of physical and psychological trouble.

To start adopting Yoga diet, we must, first and foremost, reserve time to eat. We owe that to ourselves that food can’t be treated as a “rushed” affair. The sooner you come to appreciate the benefits you will start wondering why you didn’t start earlier. The next thing to do would be to stick to a Yoga diet. Set a whole-food menu plan and prepare whole-foods meals. The golden rule of a Yoga diet is “KEEP IT NATURAL AND SIMPLE.”

Right Foods For Better Immunity
Build Immunity through Right Foods
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