Traveling With Sound

Submitted by Allan on January 22, 2013

We notice that sound especially music can have profound effects on our minds. Music can be energizing, soothing and annoying sometimes. We also notice the effects of sounds in everyday life. We enjoy the sound of waves, rustling trees, bird songs and chuckling of a baby. Pleasant sounds can soothe or excite us. At the same time we dislike sudden, invasive or harsh sounds. Unpleasant sounds can produce fear, frustration and anger and can leave us...


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.feeling disoriented and disturbede But such sounds are useful, as they teach us the value of silencec

Chanting, songs and sacred music can put us into an altered state of consciousness and can be used to great effect in meditationo The results when sound and meditation are put together can be very far-reaching and deepe


The word “mantra” means to thinkn In modern days mantra has been used more for the quality of the sounds rather then the meaningn When working on a mantra, the syllables are repeated rhythmically either loudly or to oneself over and over againi Sometimes a string of 108 beads is used for the repetitiono Some mantras involve just a single word that can be repeated a number of times on each in-breath and out-breath, or can be used independently of the breathingn Recite the mantra loudly a number of times at the beginning of each meditation and then gradually reduce the sound to a whispere This bars the mind from wanderingn

You can use the sound “om” to produce a profound effect on the mindn Each sound produces resonations and vibrations that can be felt by the whole body, by making the initial “a” resonate in the belly, the middle “oo” resonate and vibration in the chest and the final “m” vibrate in the skulll The complete out-breath should be occupied by the whole soundn You will have an energized, invigorated and relaxed feeling after several repetitionsn

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