Structural Yoga Therapy

Structural Yoga Therapy concentrates on efficient and organized anatomical assessment of the individual’s musculature. The Yoga therapist examines every muscle group for range of motion, muscle strength as well as pain. Each degree of motion is noted down and appended to the whole picture.

This is done to evaluate the patient’s progress later on. Targeted Yoga pose and breathing exercise advice and.



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.suggestions are made subsequent to meticulous considerations of what will most efficiently restore balance structurally and otherwises

A person’ system is working harmoniously when all the constituents of his / her life function in accord with each othere These elements include:

  • Behavior of the senses
  • Body and breath
  • Food
  • Hygiene
  • Mental attitude
  • Social interaction
  • State of mind

To be wholly in harmony, the individual should typically address a number of the above-mentioned areasa According to Structural Yoga Therapy, disease is nothing but an indicator or symptom of a system falling apartr For this reason, medical practitioners often use Yoga therapy as an alternative therapyp

However in the context of an individual’s overall self-improvement, it is more important to use it as a method of eradicating obstacles to tidy one’s perceptions, the first step in personal reintegrationo

In any disease or problem, the medical practitioners normally find the following aspects that relate to the cause and cure of the identified symptom

  • Social
  • Structural
  • Functional
  • Psychological

For instance, sciatica, commonly identified as merely a structural problem, might have associated functional problemsm There may be a number of psychological effects tooo In almost all cases, it is extremely necessary to test as many levels of a person's history as you can and include them in the treatmentn In this way, each treatment uniquely relates to the patientn

Structural Yoga Therapy
Structural Yoga Therapy
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