Hyperacidity: A Problem with Your Body’s Magic Box

The abdomen is referred to as the body’s magic box. Everything seems okay; however suddenly without warning, you cannot tell how it is going strike a cruel blow. One day you just might start feeling some pain and burning sensation in your belly.

This could spread upwards to your throat accompanied by mild nausea, pain and bloating. This might al be the result of a liberal and unwarranted production of hydrochloric acid.


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This tends to erode the inner lining of the abdomen as well as the lower ends of the esophagus.

This can cause a peptic ulceration. The pain and the condition are worsened by rich spicy diet. Likewise, alcohol and smoking aggravates the situation.

Modern medical science as well as Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy are in consonance with the fact that peptic ulcer is a psychosomatic condition. The abdominal lining happens to be very sensitive. It is said, it is also the recorder of a human being’s emotional standing.

In fearful or threatening situations it is said to blanch and when a person is in rage and anger it is said to blush red. Emotional stress and strain as well as psychic tensions are linked to the digestive system and glands via our sympathetic system (solar plexus) and parasympathetic (vagus ) nerve trail.

Recurrent inflammation and stimulation of this mucus lining gives rise to extra discharge of hydrochloric acid. This tends to irritate and mutilate the lining and gives rise to auto-digestion. This, in turn gives rise to erosion and the consequent peptic ulcer. Rising fears and worries, as well as continuous gastric acid secretion with churning of the stomach, all cause the damaging effects that bring down the quality of life.

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