Yoga for Ulcer

(August 1, 2008)

How to cure peptic ulcer by yoga?

Peptic ulcers can be cured by yoga and the inflammation of the inner organs of the body can be reduced with the help of yoga. Peptic ulcers are generally caused by the viruses of h pylori. This virus causes burning sensation in the inner intestine and the upper abdomen. It causes strange and vague sensation on the empty stomach. These simple ulcers when are not taken care of, they penetrate in the deeper layers of the stomach and cause scratches in the internal linings of the body.

These peptic ulcers are found in most people and could be hereditary. It causes imbalance in the normal digestive cycle which leads to other problems of stomach ache and constipation. These ulcers cause a burning sensation in the internal linings of the intestine and increases troubles like acidity and gastric troubles. It may last for several days if left untreated and uncured. It can be treated medically but taking yoga exercises on regular basis can help to provide a sure cure to the ailment.

Yoga helps to restore the imbalance caused in the body and provides relief from the abdominal cramps. It provides relief from the other ailments which can be caused due to the peptic ulcers especially in the internal linings of the intestine. Specific yoga asanas like uddiyana bandha (abdominal posture) and agnisara (fire pose) helps to restore the balance of the body and at the same time provides vigor and zeal to the body.

This particular asana of yoga helps to provide relaxation to the abdominal muscles and helps to drive the germs out of the body by restoring the metabolism of the body. One should hold on to this particular state of asanas for quite some time so as to restore the normal working of the human body. One should relax and take a comfortable position if one feels stress while adapting to this asanas. This asanas when incorporated with other breathing exercises helps to provide relaxation to the diaphragm as well as abdomen. Once the germs are out of the body, these yoga exercises help to provide the desired relaxation and flexibility to the muscles of the internal linings of the intestine which aids better digestion.

It also provides relief from the back pain and pain in the lower abdomen caused due to the peptic ulcers. Undertaking the posture of uddiyana bandha and taking up breathing exercises vigorously helps to kick the germs out of the body with the thrust of the air, thereby provides freedom from the infection which might cause peptic ulcers.

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