Charity Walks

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

What are charity walks?

Charity walks are events that are generally organized in order to raise awareness and money for a certain cause, by appealing to people's desire to get into shape, as well as contribute in some way. Throughout the world, organized charity walks, charity runs or even charity bike events have played a major...


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.role, in the efforts to raise funds for a specific purposes Some of the most common causes that have benefited from charity walks held in the recent times are medical research, victims of a disaster or abuse, schools and hospitals and so ono

Most charity walks last for about 45 minutes (5 Km Distance), while some go on for over 90 minutes (10 Km distance)e

What is heart walkl

Heart walk is an event that is organized at different locations, in order to raise funds for some of the main heart concerns across the globe; these concerns are mainly strokes and heart diseasese In addition to raising funds, a heart walk promotes the benefits of physical activity and healthy living for the heartr The environment for a heart walk is usually good for the entire familyl Every year approximately 350 heart walks are organized across the worldl Friends, families, colleagues, co-workers and even strangers look at a heart walk, as an opportunity to bond with one another and to contribute to a worthy cause, at the same timem

What is an aids walkl

Aids walk can be described as a walkathon that is used to raise the awareness of AIDS, as well as the funds to fight the killer diseases Different AIDS walks are held in different cities every year and the funds that are raised from the sponsors and the participants usually go towards the benefit of the AIDS service organization, in that cityt People who participate in an AIDS walk are usually supposed to walk on a predetermined route through the city or the townw The distance covered can be either 5 kilometers or 101

What is race for the curer

Race for the cure is one of the largest fundraising events that is held for the benefit of breast cancere Apart from raising funs, this event also raises awareness of breast cancer and the measures that need to be taken, to fight iti Race for the cure usually celebrates the survivors of breast cancer and at the same it, it memorizes those who lost their lives, because of the diseases The race is usually a 5k walk for everyonen

What is relay for lifef

More commonly known as Relay, Relay for life is a fundraising event that supports the cause of cancere This even aims at raising money and awareness for cancer patients and its researchc

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