Gas trouble and Yoga

(September 7, 2010)

lot of gas inside my body occurs when i eat heavy food like paneer,ghee riched sabji etc and my toilet is lean than normal

The formation of gas in the stomach or the abdomen is mostly on account of a problem in the digestive system and you may be able to get some relief with yoga for gas trouble. These problems tend to occur when the food in the stomach is not digested properly resulting in stomach upsets, indigestion, nausea and heartburn, which can all be controlled by using yoga for gas trouble and indigestion. Many a times one may also suffer from gas trouble after consuming rich, fatty and heavy foods. In order to avoid recurrent gas trouble on account of indigestion, one should follow a diet that is rich in fiber and low in fat along with plenty of grains, fruits, fresh vegetables and whole pulses and plenty of fresh drinking water so as to provide the stomach with some relief. Yoga for gas trouble is known to be highly effective especially yoga in case of indigestion resulting in gas and digestive problems. There are also certain specialized yoga techniques that one may follow to reduce the formation of gas. One such yoga asana is the Pavan Muktasan wherein the individual is required it lie down flat n their back and then breathe in while bending the left leg from the knees and then lifting the head so that the nose is also able to touch the knees. This asana of yoga along with providing relief from gas on account of indigestion is also useful in increasing the flexibility of hips and knees and also reduces the abdominal fat. One may also practice the Uddiyana Bandha pose in yoga which is known to be highly beneficial in providing the individual with relief from constipation, liver trouble and gas. The use of yoga for gas trouble is also believed to alleviate the symptoms of indigestion and also providing relief from gas trouble because it aids in expelling the gas from the body by increasing the flow of blood to the digestive organs so that they may work more effectively and also by stimulating the peristalsis.  Another one of the digestive benefits of practicing yoga is that it tends to restrict the flow of blood to certain parts of the body while the individual is holding some poses. Once these particular poses are released, that area of the body gets flooded with oxygen and blood which is necessary for proper organ functioning. Moreover oxygen is also known to have healing properties. Breathing which is an integral part of most yoga poses also helps in opening up blocked areas of energy in the body or in the intestines or stomach which could be the cause of digestive problems.

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Gas trouble and Yoga 

Gas formation occurs due to problems in digestion system. This occurs when the food is not digested properly in the stomach leading to indigestion, stomach upset, heart burns and nausea. Heavy, rich and fatty foods can cause problems in stomach leading to gas formation. To avoid gas trouble, it is essential to have a balanced diet that is low in fat and rich in fiber. It is necessary to have whole pulses and grains with fruits and vegetables and plenty of water in order to bring relief to the stomach.

Have frequent and small meals and light foods. Do not go off to sleep immediately after dinner. Go for walks in the night so that the food is digested well. In case of a problem, Have a banana as it is bland and can relieve from pain. Ingest few fennel seeds after the meals. In case of stomach trouble, boil water and pour it in a bottle and place it gently on the abdomen wherever there is a pain. Incase your stomach problem is affecting the appetite, then have something bland like light crackers for relief.

Certain yoga techniques can be useful in reducing gas formation. One of them is Pavan Muktasan.Lie straight on your back. Breathe in and bend the left leg from the kees.Lift the head so that the nose can touch the knees. Keep the other leg straight. Hold the breath for few seconds. Bring back the leg to the ground and exhale. This asana is also useful in reducing the abdominal fat and can increase the flexibility of the knees and hips.

Uddiyana Bandha is also beneficial for gas, constipation and liver trouble. Stand with the feet apart by one foot. Bend forward from the waist. Place the hands above the knees. Push the abdomen forward and inhale. Exhale and push the stomach in. Do not take another breath instead push in the abdomen harder so that the stomach becomes hollow and hold your breath for few seconds.

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