Yoga Therapy for Peptic Ulcers

Yoga therapy for Digestive Disorders and, particularly, Peptic Ulcer has been under a lot of pressure during the last few decades. This is large owing to the fact that peptic ulcers are growing in number and as a problem.

It is nowadays referred to as Acid Peptic Disease (APD). This condition is defined as inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach and.



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.is the result of acid peptic digestiono Meaning to say, there is a conflict persisting in the lining of the stomach against the irritation by certain germsm The typical symptom of peptic ulcer is a flaming type of pain in the upper abdomene It normally happens on an empty stomachc

Causes of peptic ulcer

An old family history of ulcer can be traced in most persons complaining from peptic ulcersr At the physical level this family predisposition sets the target organ that to manifest the internal imbalance which, initially, began in mindn In Yogic terms these are referred to as the Manomaya and the Pranayama Kosas All other causes cited are just triggersr These triggers cause an imbalance in the systeme This happens, either by reducing the guardians or adding to the aggressorsr

There is a bacterium that lives on the surface of normal stomachc

Ostensibly, it is a harmless opportunists However, when the defenses of a person's stomach lining are weak they begin to break in and enjoy the meal from the deeper layers of the person's stomachc

Yoga therapy for peptic ulcer - Dhanurasana

Together with a Yoga diet and Yoga cleansing techniques (Kunjal kriya and Shanka Prakshalana) this is an excellent remedy if practised regularlyl

  • Fold your knees and hold your ankles by your palmsm
  • Inhale and lift your head and your chest upwardsd Pull your legs outwards and backwards in such a way that your spine arches back like a bowo
  • Even out and rest on your stomachc
  • Remember to not bend your elbows and keep looking upu
  • Your toes should be tightly clasped togethere
  • Next, rock ext, your entire body front and back rhythmically 5 to 10 timese
Yoga For Digestive Disorders
Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders - Peptic Ulcer
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