Yoga Exercise For Backache Due To Psychological Stress

Yoga therapy for Back Pain, postulates that psychological stress is a major factor. And Yoga therapy has a major role to play in alleviation of chronic low back pain.

A lot of research has been done on this subject in Yoga institutes, ashramas, studios and centers across the world. In fact, in a study conducted amongst patients of chronic low back pain of over 3 months, something.



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.surprising was observede That is the contribution to the degree of disability in low back pain by the psychological distress with abnormal illness behavior was about 53%3 On the other hand, the contribution by the actual physical problem was only 47%7

A number of research studies published the on the role of stress in subjects with chronic low back paini In this, they concluded that the displayable bone or soft tissue structural problems actually justify just 38% of the paini The rest of it is all owing to psychological stress, as assessed by the researchersr

How Yoga therapy understands the relation between lifestyle and back pain

Yoga therapy classifies the causes of back pain as functional or organici The organic causes include the following: trauma, tumor, infection that play small a part in a percentage of the cases of chronic back paini The functional causes start at the level of the mindn Most of the chronic low back pain is the result of functional causese

These are more related to modern life stylel

Here is an excellent exercise for Back Pain due to psychological stresss

  • Inhale and slowly raise your head, shoulders and body up to the dorsal part of your backc
  • Raise your arms up to shoulder levele But see that they are parallel to the groundn
  • Retain the pose for some timem
  • Exhale and come down to the flooro Relaxa
  • The same movements must be repeated 5 timese
Yoga For Psychological Stress
Yoga Therapy for Back Pain - Psychological Stress
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