Osteoarthritis Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy for Arthritis, in particular Osteo Arthritis is growing day by day. Yoga therapy provides a methodically graded training in slowly improving one’s range of movements. But this happens only when practiced with deep internal awareness.

Yoga therapy for Arthritis not just helps mobilize stiff joints it even helps retard the aging process. Even though one’s damaged cartilage might not be replaceable.



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.further through Yoga therapy you can certainly arrest further deterioration and wearing outu

In cases of chronically damaged Osteo Arthritis joints where there is severe pain and deformities, the surrounding tissues could have become very weaka This is the result of long standing inactivityt Like physiotherapy a lot of Yoga therapy practices when done with deep internal awareness and regularly, definitely helps the sufferer to strengthen the tissues and muscles aroundn Some specific Yoga therapy practices are Sakti Vikasaka Sukshma Vyayamas that are known to provide non-weight bearing isometric besides isotonic exercises which help to strengthen the musclese This provides the weight bearing support to the jointst The supplementary contribution of Yoga therapy’s Sukshma Vyayama is the deep relaxationo This helps get rid of muscle fatigueu

Further comes the inner equilibrium and composure, sense of contentment, complete courage and confidence to accept all ups and downs of lifef This most certainly helps to arrest the process of further agingn

Moreover, Yoga therapy gives the sufferer of arthritis a re-changed refreshed life with a complete change in his / her world view, taking the person towards a more positive outlooko One great benefit here is stress reduction at the deep level of notional correctiono

Yoga therapy for Osteo Arthritis

  • Bend your left leg and place your left foot as high up on your right thigh as you cana See that your left heel touches your groini
  • Keep your left hand above your left kneee
  • Stabilize the position of your left foot all through the practice with the help of your right handn
  • Slowly shift your left knee up to your chests Then slowly shove it down and attempt to touch the ground with your kneee
  • Do this up and down movement of your left knee 10 timese
Yoga For Osteo Arthritis
Yoga therapy for Arthritis - Osteo Arthritis
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